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Oct 25th

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If the Bruins lose which I believe will eventually happen, then he may as well pack his 5hit up and go because Boston dont tolerate quitting on the team.

It sucks because Chara deserves one more cup.
Halak is more than capable and is into it mentally. I'd sooner have my more than capable backup in than the starter who isn't mentally ready to play. Who knows what's gonna happen during these faux playoffs but if the Bruins lose out it won't be because of Halak. I'd sooner not get into Chara.

BaconGrundleCandy Supporter Supporter
Holy **** that's a killa.

Literally was writing about 3-4 chances on that PP that could've went in. Controlled the whole PP in Carolina's end! 10 seconds after Carolina scores.



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James Reimer loves him some Bruins 3rd period comebacks at his expense. He was also the Toronto goalie for the 4-1 game 7 comeback in 2013.

captain stone

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Never should've been that close...6-1 Bs at worst...Those first 2 goals Halak allowed were terrible; Rask-esque even...Krug misses a WIDE open net....They better start burying more - a LOT more - of their 1st-period chances...And for the love of Ganja, do NOT place those 2 little candy-ass gweeps Studlicker & TheformerleadsingeroftheSugarcubes on the same line EVER AGAIN, Butch...


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Yeah, Halak was off, bigly, but the team came together.

McAvoy gets a ton of credit for lighting the fire with his textbook hip check on Staal. That was beautiful.

captain insano

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he is our best skilled player and scorer. He is a euro player on a blue collar team. He is going to get hurt. When he is on his game, he is the best player in the league.
he needs to grow up. he showed up not prepared to play after the virus break.


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Series. That’s more like the team that won the Presidents trophy before the shutdown.

Probably the Lightning next. Tough matchup but winnable.

captain stone

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Feckin Tortorella & the feckin Blow Jackets coaching & playing not to lose instead of coaching & playing to win...Tampa's the best team in the league and Columbus had them on the ropes twice and squandered both of those opportunities...No way the Bs are winning 4/7 vs them now...

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Anyone else pleasantly surprised by the B's? After their flat performance in the round robin and the surprise exit of Tuukka, I thought we were done - stick a fork in us. Instead, Halak comes in and plays great, David Kreche is on fire and I am liking our chances next round. I was really mad at Tuukka and his timing, but rumor apparently has it that his newborn daughter may have a serious medical issue, which would explain the unfortunate timing (and perhaps the team not seeming too upset with Tuukka).

Go B's - looking forward to more games (PS - could the NHL also be showing the NFL the way? Go into a bubble, no fans, pump in some crowd noise to make it more realistic, and there you go.).
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