Britt [MAY] re-sign w NE !

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Sep 27th

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That is what frustrating about Patriots. They try to get some scraps @ WR.

How many times do we have to play this "broken" record (aka: Britt)?

Just sign DEZ and be DONE WITH IT.


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I just googled it and apparently a "serious hamstring STRAIN" takes up to 10 weeks to heal.

The Patriots released Jordan Matthews on August 1st..47 days or 6-7 weeks ago.

So, after week will have been about 8 weeks.

I am mildly excited about Britt, but more excited about the possibility of Matthews returning. I think he would be a great security blanket for Brady.
Saw something on Twitter which I had to chuckle at re: Matthews -

So apparently not only is Matthews still local and a potential re-sign in a couple weeks, but he's actively working out with Edelman. That's one hell of a way to circumvent the rules. "Oh okay, so you suspended our WR and he's not allowed to practice with the team huh? Well, we'll just IR one of our other new WRs, cut an injury settlement with him, and then that suspended WR can work out with that new WR during the suspension. Not a violation since that new WR is technically not on our team right? Then we can re-sign that cut WR after a few weeks."

So in a way, Matthews could potentially be able to pick right up where he left off if Edelman's been helping him out personally.

Of course, the likely outcome here is that the Pats are fined $2m and Brady is suspended 8 games.