Britt [MAY] re-sign w NE !

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Sep 27th

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robertweathers Supporter Supporter
Lol, yeah, that was certainly a slip by Barner. But I don’t think revealing a new guy is catching punts is necessarily top-secret info. I doubt Jacksonville says “oh man, we thought Chung or Barner would be catching punts but it might be Coleman, this changes our whole game plan!” I don’t know if Coleman is even active - I doubt he is.
I'm over-dramatizing it but talking about what happened in practice is just not something players here do. Ever.

Horace's Ivories

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Wikipedia says, "On August 6, 2018 Kenny Britt welcomed a new baby girl Lennox Skye Britt weighing 5 pounds 14 ounces."
That's pretty small consider the big genes she would get from her father. I wonder if maybe his wife had a preterm delivery and he was distracted, etc? Total speculation on my part.
That's some deep detective work and analysis - I like it!

Hyped Supporter Supporter
I just googled it and apparently a "serious hamstring STRAIN" takes up to 10 weeks to heal.

The Patriots released Jordan Matthews on August 1st..47 days or 6-7 weeks ago.

So, after week will have been about 8 weeks.

I am mildly excited about Britt, but more excited about the possibility of Matthews returning. I think he would be a great security blanket for Brady.

captain stone

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I dunno. What I do know is WR5 needs to play STs.
He already does; goes by the name of Patterson.
Because of his age and physical ability I suspect BB is also taking the long view with Coleman.
I'd rather he have taken the long view with Chad Hansen instead of Coleman.

We have Patterson as our active WR/STer.
He's not a 5th WR here...Yet.
If we had a competent WR group, he should be.

DarrylS Supporter Supporter
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Do not know if Britt or any WR is the answer any more, if anything tired of the banter that ensues after every and any WR that becomes available..

Not content with our current core, but if they prove serviceable somewhat reluctant to bring in the next best thing whether it be Bryant, Gordon, Britt or Matthews. Of that crew prefer guys who know the system, the plays and expectations of playing on the Patriots. As evidenced last week Brady was masterful involving other receivers.. consider Develin never thought of as a threat, but now D's have to worry about him as well.

Have to wonder why Bryant is out there wandering among teams and sharing the box with Jerry Jones at concerts... there has to be a lot more to that story.