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Bills Fans, flush with confidence after thrashing the Colts, chant "We Want Brady!"

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Pick Results: NYJ: 1.8% at NE: 98.2%

Oct 24th

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Careful what you wish for. :D


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I almost feel bad for those fans sometimes. Almost.......

Brady 23w-3l. 58tds 19ints.

Past is the past. They got a good shot at home next Sunday to get win 4. If they blow it I'm gonna lmao as they close all the 10ft bridges in Buffalo to prevent serious injury.

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Bills fans are like Charlie Brown, believing this is the time they're going to kick the football. Rex is the perfect coach for them because he's in the Off-season Hall of Fame for winning 3 Off-season Super Bowls. Perfect pairing.

Okay, you guys beat up on a wimpy Colts team that always shrinks against physical contact. But championships aren't won in the off-season, and they aren't won in week 2 or September either. This goes back on and on, all the way back to 2003 when the Bills blew us out in week 1 31-0, won the next week to go to 2-0, then started dreaming instead of working and subsequently losing 10 of their next 14 games, including their last one, a 31-0 loss to the eventual Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots.

You guys are ****ing hyped over a week 2 match-up? This is your Super Bowl? This is why you will always be losers. It's a division game against the Super Bowl Champions. I guess this is as big as it gets for the Bills. But calm the **** down, losers...
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