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Belichick "Cam Newton is our quarterback"

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Sep 12th

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In the Starting Line-Up

Makes sense. I doubt Bill wants to throw Mac Jones to the wolves his rookie year. He generally isn't that type of coach.

Now, alot depends on how Cam Newton looks in training camp and OTAs. If he's more 2018 cam newton than he's no doubt the QB. But if he's the guy we saw last year I think Mac Jones is starting


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If Mac Jones outperforms Newton in the preseason and shows he can command the Offense, Belichick has shown he has no problem making what he deems moves in the best interest of the team and as such, Jones will be the starter. That said, I believe BB will give Cam every opportunity to grasp the starter role.

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Bill 100% respects Cam and his veteran leadership and work ethic. Cam is also no dummy and knows why Jones was selected. Bill isn't going to disrespect Cam to the media and say Jones is the guy. Jones has to earn it, just like everyone else.
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Le Numéro Douze

In the Starting Line-Up
As of today, Cam is our starter.

Mac will have to earn the starter job by beating Cam. Nothing will be handed to him.

That's how it should be. I did not expect BB to say anything else.

If Mac beats Cam, he'll start. If at some point in the season BB feels Mac gives us the best chance to win, he'll start.

That's how it should always be.