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Anyone else feel like it's Jakobi's final season here?

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Oct 1st


Hall of Fame Benchwarmer Supporter
I love Meyers, but just think he is more in the Chris Hogan mould . Would max top 6 million a year . Better to spend 15-17 million on true bonafide receivers rather than 10-12 million on agholor . Bourne would need to be paid next season . He is not playing on 5 million . So an extension is in order.
Exactly. And Hogan was very effective when there was a strong supporting cast around him.

mgteich Veteran Supporter
He's a lock as the #5/6... There's NFW he's even close to being ready for the #4 role; that's Meyers' to lose...
I'll try to be more clear.

There are 3 WR's who will get almost all the reps unless there is an injury, or perhaps even 2.

WR #4 is either a STer or perhaps a developmental player. Even then, he may spend many games as an inactive player. 3 WR's targets is plenty, given that we have top targets at TE and WR. This position seems to fit Thornton, who is a lock for the 53.

WR #5 (if there is one) is a gadget player or player who plays another position (e.g. returner, key STer, #5 RB). He would be active primarily because of his non-WR skills. We had Gunner last year. We could have Montgomery this year. Montgomery would replace Bolden as a STer.
While I might spend $4M for a backup, I don't think that Belichick will. I think that there are basically two tiers of WR's.

Tier One consists of our top 3 WR's. We have 4. IMO, if all are healthy, then we trade one. So, for me, Myers may be the #4 best WR, but that isn't a roster position, and even more unlikely at $4M for a player who doesn't play ST's.


Hall of Fame Poster
I think that Myers has to beat out Agholor or Parker to make the 53 this year.
Thornton is practicing at gunner, and is a lock as the #4 WR.

I agree, he won’t keep a back end spot at WR if he doesn’t contribute on ST units. His best hope is that they trade Agholor, and that’s unlikely at his cap number.

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