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Alshon Jeffery Compares Bears to Patriots: "We're just like them"

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Totally the same thing!

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This reminds me of the insane rant from drug addict Dexter Manley about Tom Brady. I think if you did some digging you would find this cat was under the influence of something when he said this. Or maybe it's just mental illness rearing it's ugly head. Hope he's okay. I kind of feel bad for the guy. Obviously something is going on with him.


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He should take a discount and join us to see just how similar we are to Chicago! ;)


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Everyone knows the best way to improve is to insist that your 3-13 team is on the same level as the 14-2 team. You certainly don't improve by recognizing that you're nowhere close and you have a lot to work on. Go Bears!

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Hmm. Two teams have joint practices in August. Competitive but mostly vanilla play and plays over 2 days of practice and a pre-season game. Result 1 player on struggling, non-improving team thinks "Hey, weeze as good as dayiz, we'll show it nexx year" by the end of another dismal campaign. Other team slowly improves, changes new players mid-season, adds schemes, challenges it's mental focus, loses 2nd best player for the year, fights through it's own struggles to play as 3 cohesive units to have best record in NFL Yup, da same.
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