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Nov 1st

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Not sure if anybody has noticed this or brought it up but when referring to Brady many mediots now call him "the most accomplished player in the history of the game." It's a cute way of saying he's not the goat while saying he's not the goat.

The thing about Rodgers is, he probably is the greatest blend of physical talent in terms of arm and legs at the quarterback position. However he's hardly the goat or even in the top 10. He's not a field general the way Brady, Montana, Manning and others were. His supporters will say that's because he has a different style. The problem with that is he's very inefficient at crucial times because instead of taking the immediate slant for 8-12 yards he tries to run around and get the big one. I'd take Steve Young or Staubach over him and those two are style wise very similar.

Also go look at Rodgers vs the 14 Seahawks or 16 Falcons in the playoffs compared to Brady's numbers. Rodgers rarely shines against the best of the best ala 19 49ers. Brady doesn't hit every time but does the vast majority.

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I have great difficulty ever picking the Pats to lose.. cannot remember when or if I ever made that choice.
As most fans do...However I will probably pick against the Pats in a couple of games unless teams we play have major players injured later in [email protected] Bills, Ravens are a couple I might bet against Pats.......Nothing to do with loyalty.....I still don't have a feel for this team yet this season.....potential seems there but hasn't come to fruition yet.......2020 is Pats roller coaster season so far......