A Balanced Look at the Defense

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Dec 6th

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I think you need to re-read the OP.

There was nothing complimentary about the Defense against the Broncos. They played a dominant game.

:confused: I think you need to re-read the OP, and your pseudo responses to him. The one talking about subjective terms like complimentary (straddling the fence with assessments like good enough vs. bad as some think) was you. Andy tends to challenge subjective negativity. Some here have developed an affinity for picking nits or assuming a valient contrarian stance for the greater good or something... when it comes to combating positivity, be it's genesis subjective or fact based or just a desire to be wishful. I chalk that up to the fear of homerism phenomenon. Better to be wrong (and be able to say you are happy to admit you were...or simply backtrack) than to be perceived as a homer (aka sucker). On that score the one thing I can say after years here with absolute certainty is Andy is fearless. And the bulk of his most ardent critics are simply homerphoebic contrarians...and the knuckleheads who hide behind them when they personally can't keep up.


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The Saints and Packers could score 100 against the Patriots if they wanted to.

What a stupid comment. I take it Brees only WANTED to put up 20 against TB and 21 against STL when he played them then?

And Rodgers only WANTED to put up 24 when he faced STL? Or 14 against KC?

I mention those defenses because NE has a better defense then them.


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No disrespect to Brown but he is much better suited for dime formations and special teams.

I would argue special teams, exclusively. Brown has no business seeing the field on defensive downs in any situation, except perhaps the prevent defense to end all prevent defenses.


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The defense still needs some SERIOUS help in the offseason, but the McCourty move to safety is a good thing and could help out the secondary since he doesn't have to turn his head a whole lot at that position and nearly always has help. It's still ugly, but it's well coached and can do enough to help the offense win.
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