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2022 Mock Drafts

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2nd Team Getting Their First Start
2021 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
Of what is left, Flocking Please Bill!!!! Just two of these guys and I'll forgive you for not drafting JJohnson, McDuffie or at 29, Karlaftis, Dax, Booth, Dean or Travis Jones. C'mon man, you're turning into Sleepy Bill.

I had to pick Josh Williams in the 6th even though I picked 2 CB's early. The value was too good to pass up. I also picked Noah Ellis over McCall. I just think he has more stamina and is really good controlling gaps.
Christopher Allen could be a sleeper pick. He missed pretty much entire season but had some promise in 2020.
Clark was also too good to pass up in the 4th. He has a serious injury but docs say he'll be good as new. It worked with Gronk to a point so it's worth a shot. It's better than Bill picking someone like Araiza with that pick. LOL