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Alamo's Predict The Score 2022 Alamo's Predict the Score Contest Week 18: NE @ BUF


Pro Bowl Player
Buffalo 30
Pats 17

All the emotion connected to this player/injury and his recovery….playing at home with their fans ultra fired up….Pats walking into a perfect storm….
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DarrylS Supporter Supporter
2019 Weekly Picks Winner
Have never and will never believe the Pats will lose any game.
Pats 26
Buffalo 17

Real fan 02

2nd Team Getting Their First Start
Patriots 12
Bills 37

An emotional game becomes legendary for QB Josh Allen. He loves playing against Myles Bryant.
I think even Back ups love playing against all pro Myles Bryant, agreed far to emotional game, I'm sure players already have thier off season reservations made...

Real fan 02

2nd Team Getting Their First Start
Whoops that's 21 - 17 ...
Wow! That's some serious hope! If there is a chance believe it or not it's attacking tre white he's been burned alot this season since returning from the ACL he's no where near the all pro he was... his lateral speed isn't back yet.. however that's just my wishful thinking...

Pat the Pats Fan Supporter Supporter
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Like your optimism.. those 27 points.. must be 3 defensive scores... however realistically it will be Bills 33 patriots 13.. to end this miserable season offensively...
Duggs is going to have a big week.:p


Independent Investigator & pliable af Supporter
2021 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
Billdos 27, Pooptriots 13

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