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2021 NFL Free Agency/Trade News & Discussion: March Edition

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I was just speaking to the claim that these guys were afraid to compete for a stating job so they took a cheap contract to be a backup.
Right. I think WTF and NE were really the only places that seemed to be open for that kind of competition and neither team bit that hard on any of those players.


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Another player "begrudgingly" coming back to play under Bill ?
Another player who went out, looked around at what Free Agency had to offer and came back to a place he knew would be good for him and he'd be appreciated.

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With the re-signing of White and Guy and the signing of Reynolds, I have the Pats at 80 including JC Jackson (RFA) and Jakob Johnson (ERFA).

I'd keep an eye on what happens with Vitale, LaCosse, Dolegala, Taylor, Cunningham, Cajuste, Toran, Murray, Barnett, Bower, Thurman, Ross, and King if the Pats need roster space..


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If the Patriots get Jimmy G I’ll be the first to get my jersey.
Here’s the thing if the Patriots get Jimmy G for say a mid round pick? Do you still draft a QB high?
Yes, absolutely. You still treat Garoppolo as a bridge, and trade up for that next franchise guy. Then you give it a year or two to play itself out. After all not every successful 1st round QB starts right away. Mahomes had to wait a year. Rivers had to wait two years. Rodgers had to wait three years. Best case scenario Garoppolo stays healthy and plays like a true franchise guy, and you can trade him or the guy you drafted for a significant return. Worst case scenario you cut bait with Garoppolo and now give your 2021 draftee a chance to shine.

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I think Lazar means current QB1 and not future QB1....

Right now I think the team’s ceiling is the 2009/2010 Jets or the 2017 Jaguars, teams that could be stacked absent the hole at QB. The advantage is that we’ve got the GOAT as HC instead of buffoons in Rex or Marrone. Of course it remains to be seen if the rest of the team actually plays like they’re stacked; at least the holes look gone though.
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