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2021 NFL Free Agency/Trade News & Discussion: March Edition

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Sep 12th

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patsinthesnow Supporter Supporter
McMillan is a good bargain signing. He was pretty good run stuffing LB with Flores & was a mess with the Raiders. Competition with Bentley & Hall. He’s also a way better athlete obviously.


Pro Bowl Player
They also appear to be trying to get another draft pick i.e. JC 2nd round or Gilly

Report is they aren't actively trying to trade Gilmore and Jackson is because no one is spending a #2 and a big contract so Pats would would likely be able to match, unless the team front loaded it but I just don't think that would happen this year, they'd want to backload because the cap is gonna jump when that new tv money kicks in which would mean getting him on a lesser deal than they would with him hitting FA next year and if some team does offer a big contract they get a 2nd rd pick 2021 instead of probably a 4th in 2023

I think as it stands right now unless some team bowls them over Gilmore & Jackson are the #1 & #2 going into training camp
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Hard pass at that number, after his injuries last season.

People on here actually want him at the number. 58.1% career catch rate and there are people mad because Belichick isn't offering him 18m per. But apparently Agholor at $11m is TERRIBLE

BTW here are Gollladay and Agholor's best seasons

116 target
65 rec
56.0% catch rate
1190 yards
18.3 AVG
11 TD

82 targets
48 rec
58.5% catch rate
900 yards
18.7 AVG
8 TD

Could be argued when properly used Agholor can be just as good as Golladay

But hey then again i'm a big Pats & Belichick (sans Brady) HOMER, so what do I know.

Rob0729 Supporter Supporter
True, and another question is why TEN could not "fix him".

Reminds me of PHI not being able to "fix" Wentz.

I think the league more or less is afraid of "broken" QBs, and maybe they are right.

Well, the question is whether he even fit what Vrabel and his staff wanted to do. That could be the issue.


Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal
Doesn’t seem like a smart choice, in terms of the team. Big Ben's shoulder/arm may be toast. Why not go somewhere like Green Bay on a one year deal?

Volume should be there in Pittsburgh though, unless they suddenly remember how to run the ball in 2021. They were fifth lowest in attempts and dead last in yards per carry.
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