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2021 NFL Awards and Hall of Fame

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Sep 12th

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In the Starting Line-Up
Brady will be first ballot and it will be unanimous.

BB will be too but I think it will not be unanimous and you can probably guess why. There will be at least one voter who wants to make a name for him or herself at Bill’s expense.
Brady is never retiring.


In the Starting Line-Up
MVP Race:

Patrick Mahomes played so well that his team basically wrapped up the AFC with a few weeks left, so the team took its foot off the pedal. Mahomes led critical drives throughout the season and was at his best against the best competition.

Aaron Rodgers played extremely well but not as well as Mahomes, so the Packers went full throttle for 17 weeks. Though their stats were neck and neck into December, Rodgers made a national MVP against tomato cans (as usual) with huge stats while Mahomes didn’t even try.

Sportswriters: bUt LoOk At tHe StAts! jOsH AlLeN wAs BeTtEr ThAn MaHoMeS tOo!
Rodgers is a stats guy. Always will be. He is happier he won MVP than being in the SB. If he had to choose between the two it would be MVP everytime.

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Comeback player - Alex Smith. No surprise.

If Cam didn't suck I thought he might have a shot at it this year. Would have been tough though.
Big Ben only got 1 vote. I can’t believe that many voters could be that wrong.:rofl: