2010 Televised Games for Pats Fans in Florida

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Dec 6th

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The subject of the schedule came up in another thread so I thought I'd take a look at what games Pats Fans in Florida can expect to see on their local television, without relying on the Sunday Ticket either at home or at a local sports bar.

A couple things to remember: if the local team is at home and the game is sold out, not only will it be shown on TV, but no other game will be televised at the same time. Also, each network will get to show one game every Sunday in every market regardless of sellouts and blackouts. The network with the 4:15 game typically gets to show two games, but because of the above rules may in some cases only get to show one game. The other network, with the 4:05 game, gets to show only one game in that market. Blackouts are a very real possibility in Jacksonville and Tampa Bay this year, so that could alter what games are being shown there - in most cases, improving the chances of a Pats game being shown.

Week 1, 9/12: Bengals at Pats, 1:00, CBS
Denver is at Jacksonville, Miami at Buffalo, and Cleveland at Tampa Bay all at the same time, and all also on CBS. The Pats game will not be on TV in Florida.

Week 2, 9/19: Pats at Jets, 4:15, CBS
Jacksonville is at San Diego at the same time on CBS, so no Pats game there; the Pats should be on elsewhere in FL rather than the Jags game though.

Week 3, 9/26: Bills at Pats, 1:00, CBS
The Jaguars play at 4:05 and Miami plays Sunday night. Pittsburgh is at Tampa Bay also at 1:00 on CBS; that will also probably air in Jacksonville, but Miami should get the Pats game since that involves two teams from the same division.

Week 4, 10/4: Pats at Dolphins, 8:30, espn
Everybody gets to see the Pats this week on Monday Night Football.

Week 5, 10/10: Bye Week

Week 6, 10/17: Ravens at Pats, 1:00, CBS
The Bucs are at home against the Saints on FOX, who has the doubleheader this week; CBS will probably put a 4:05 game on in Tampa Bay to avoid going head-to-head with the local team (i.e., Jets - Broncos.) The Dolphins play at 1:00 on CBS so no Pats game in Miami. The Jaguars play Monday night but will probably get the Dolphins game as well.

Week 7, 10/24: Pats at Chargers, 4:15, CBS
No games involving local teams at the same time, and CBS has the doubleheader; the only other 4:15 game is the Raiders at the Broncos so everyone not in Oakland or Denver should get to see the Pats.

Week 8, 10/31: Vikings at Pats, 4:15, FOX
The Pats game will be shown everywhere across the US except in four markets representing the two other 4:15 games; unfortunately Tampa Bay is one of those four markets.

Week 9, 11/7: Pats at Browns, 1:00, CBS
It's a CBS doubleheader, and Miami is at Baltimore at the same time on the same network; that game will most likely be shown in all Florida markets.

Week 10, 11/14: Pats at Steelers, 8:20, NBC
Everybody gets to see this Sunday night showdown.

Week 11, 11/21: Colts at Pats, 4:15, CBS
It's a CBS doubleheader and this is their only late game, so everybody gets to see this rivalry renewed.

Week 12, 11/25: Pats at Lions, 12:30, CBS
Everyone gets to see the Pats in the early Thanksgiving game.

Week 13, 12/6: Jets at Pats, 8:30, espn
For the fourth straight week the Pats game is available to everybody in this Monday Night game that should be off the charts in hyperbole.

Week 14, 12/12: Pats at Bears, 1:00, CBS
It's a CBS doubleheader but all three markets will most likely either get Oakland at Jacksonville or the Bengals at the Steelers instead of the Pats game.

Week 15, 12/19: Packers at Pats, 8:20, NBC
Unless for some reason this game gets flexed back to an earlier time slot, everyone gets to see the Pats again.

Week 16, 12/26: Pats at Bills, 1:00, CBS
Highly unlikely to be on in any of the Florida markets.

Week 17, 01/02: Dolphins at Pats, 1:00, CBS
The game will obviously be on in Miami but it will not be on in Jacksonville; there's a good chance it will be on in Tampa Bay but that will depend largely on which games have playoff implications.

Bottom line is that it seems like Pats fans in Florida will need to look for sports bars to see the team play during the first half of the season, but will be able to watch the Pats from home for most of the team's games in the second half of the schedule.


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A couple of additional comments for week one.

First, it sounds like Jacksonville has or will sell out, so the Broncos-Jaguars game will be on in norther Florida. However, Tampa Bay is not going to sell out. In addition, the 'no game against a team playing at home' rule has been lifted for CBS for week one; they have no late games at all as they are broadcasting tennis then.

That means that there is a chance that the Pats game will be on in the Tampa Bay area. The Pats-Bengals represent the only matchup of two teams that were in the playoffs last year, and is being broadcast to more 'open' markets than any other game that CBS is showing. A second possibility is the Miami - Buffalo game; this is being shown in Orlando, and the Tampa Bay area has a lot of Dolphin fans. Then there is former Gator Tim Tebow's debut against Jacksonville; that could draw a lot of viewers in the area.

So there is a chance the Tampa Bay area will get to see the Pats opener, but you'll probably have to wait until Friday for an announcement.