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The critics have blasted them all season, but Sunday night the Patriots defense proved that they really are better than people think.

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Mr. @alexspeier compares Brady's game Sunday to his other AFCCG performances

With a chance to win a Super Bowl in his 1st playoffs, #Falcons C Alex Mack (ankle) is expected to play in SBLI. But will try to rest it.

Did some mild curl action after months of that kinda workout can't straighten my screaming arms to save my life. T-Rex City

#Falcons C Alex Mack is dealing with a swollen, painful sprained ankle, source said. He returned Sunday, but unlikely to practice this week

RT @OnlyInBOS: Captain America @ChrisEvans has launched an @Omaze campaign raising money for Boston non-profit @Chris_Haven:…

@tcountie Go back and listen to @KirkAndCallahan's first hour this morning around 645 to hear what that tool LeBatard said..

@dennisroy33 @LeBatardShow I didn't say everyone..There are many and the double standard and hypocrisy that goes on over there is pathetic.

@adampellerin I know not this shampoo of which you speak

@SupremeManBoy yes, disguise, disrupt the routes & mix it up. That's what matters, not what you inevitably end up in.

Patriots installed as 3-point favorite for Super Bowl LI

Could Jamie Collins' new deal with Browns impact Patriots’ negotiations with Dont’a Hightower?

Steelers admit they were surprised by Patriots’ offensive attack

Patriots unveil schedule for days leading up to Super Bowl LI

One example of the benefits to having Logan Ryan in the slot. Aggressive, good tackler. Playing confidently in ther…

RT @WEEI: COLUMN: Is Patriots-Falcons the best offensive matchup in Super Bowl history?

RT @RyanHannable: How impressive have Edelman/Hogan been in playoffs? They have 79 percent of Brady's passing yards. Here's more:

RT @jaybusbee: Also included: "I'm drunk. I'm stupid. I'm a Pats fan." Subscribe!

@SupremeManBoy Just choosing man doesn't do that, especially when pre-snap read of man invites, crossers, pick routes. etc.

@chatham58 Yup. Probably felt like He-Man for a second there.

@PhilAPerry assist on the pop from Roberts...

3 fat guys inside, who were keys going in, all played very well - Branch, Brown and Valentine

Patriots had their way with Steelers RT Marcus Gilbert the other night. Here's Malcom Brown shoving Gilbert into De…

@AWash013 again, it's not a matter of whether it's zone or man the determines if Brady picks it apart. Long history of doing it either.

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