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Dec 12th
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2022/2023 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
  1. TheFlyingWedge

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Official SF/GB playoff game thread, open for bidness...

    Well.. Aaron Rodgers choked in the playoffs again. What else is new?
  2. TheFlyingWedge

    Detroit may release/trade Trey Flowers

    Another guy like Collins and Van Noy, who is old and slow but “knows the system”. No thanks!
  3. TheFlyingWedge

    Defense - old, slow, bad

    Top five defense??? Even if it’s statistically true, it’s so not true.
  4. TheFlyingWedge

    Defense - old, slow, bad

    If playing time is a barometer for what the coaches think of him, Winovich doesn’t have a chance getting re-signed. He’ll be a $1.2 million cap hit next year and was on the field for just 14% of the snaps this past one. He would just be another overpriced, not so talented, special teamer
  5. TheFlyingWedge

    Embrace the hate! Views from other fanbases

    This is probably not a “Mahomes” fan definition of ad-libbing, but Brady’s pocket presence allowed him to extend plays and ad lib. Due to his athletic limitations with regards to scrambling, he refined his pocket footwork to unmatched levels of abilities. It would be great to see Mac improve in...
  6. TheFlyingWedge

    Miguel's Jonnu Smith question

    Smith has a 4 year contract with 31 million guaranteed. He’s going to be here for the next couple years as the Pats can’t just let him walk away. A restructure might be possible.
  7. TheFlyingWedge

    Is it a good idea to try to sign JC Jackson before year ends?

    He’ll get around 18-21k on the open market. Especially considering his INT stats for this year. I doubt BB will pay that kind of money. Maybe a franchise tag to keep him around another year, but that would be expensive too.
  8. TheFlyingWedge

    OT: A “journalist” is highly critical of Tom Brady’s son being ball boy

    Any day now, Max Kellerman will be dropping a follow-up piece
  9. TheFlyingWedge

    Guess the 5 cuts following the game

    Well, Langi stepped up big time and had himself a great game against Philly
  10. TheFlyingWedge

    Guess the 5 cuts following the game

    Harvey Langi looked confused snd out of position last Thursday
  11. TheFlyingWedge

    OT: Tebow cut

    Sign the beast!!!
  12. TheFlyingWedge

    Do We Need To Use A Roster Spot On A Punt Returner?

    Punt return should be Gunners job. It was his job last year, and he looks to be stepping up this year. He is consistently showing up in practice at WR, getting behind the defense and making plays. Excited to see what this kid can do with more reps. Plus, he’s a Def Leppard fan :p
  13. TheFlyingWedge

    OT: When you go out, are you wearing a mask?

    Ordered some from Amazon about a month ago and they haven’t arrived yet
  14. TheFlyingWedge

    New Uniforms Coming?

    They should just copy the Montreal Canadians throwbacks - now that’s a sharp uni.
  15. TheFlyingWedge

    Frank Clark: Patriots Dynasty Dead...Chiefs "New Dynasty"

    Money is going to get tight in KC as Mahoney rookie deal is coming to an end.