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  1. Steve85

    Help - NFL Streaming Sites

    Hey guys, I remember there being a few really good sites last year that people used to stream games. However, they have slipped my memory and I’d prefer not to go through every site on google that says it streams NFL games because obviously some of them suck or are sketch. I get a lot/most of...
  2. Steve85

    Should the NFL add more teams?

    thank you. I was also against the playoff expansion & regular season expansion that passed this year as well. NFL has a great product, of course they’ll mess with it to make more money.
  3. Steve85

    Semi-OT: Big Ten, Pac 12 will not play football in 2020

    question. Is this person reputable or would be someone that would know this information?
  4. Steve85

    HE HE HE: Pats trade for DB Michael Jackson

    I am UMiami football fan & I can tell you this guy could play in college. Not sure why the light hasn’t turned on for him in the NFL (besides it being f’n hard). I like this a lot. Lot of upside; probably not star material but I can see solid back up in time; maybe 1-2 years depending on how...
  5. Steve85

    The Official Patriots Opt Out Thread

    Just waiting for Andrews to opt out :oops:
  6. Steve85

    Patriots QB Newton’s message to everyone

    Well true, but if we’re going that way, personally I would have liked to seen TB dive for that trick pass in SB52.
  7. Steve85

    Is the Dynasty Era Over?

    What do you mean "you People"
  8. Steve85

    Chung signed to 2 year extension. I’m confused.

    David Andrews being out and Wynn hobbled did not help as well. Injuries are a part of the game but if we don’t have injuries and maybe Gronk didn’t pull us around, we probably made a deeper run last year. run defense was suspect though.
  9. Steve85

    OT: Rams screw up their new uniforms

    Im less against the stripes that I am the monochromatic blue/blue. Look like a D2 college team. The flat hat brim generation must like it. Gangsta yo...same with the two color fade numbers on the rams jerseys. Terrible I will I would change the stripes on the white to blue/red/blue.
  10. Steve85

    OT: Rams screw up their new uniforms

    They screwed up their logo and uniforms. what is it with all the LA teams looking the same? Remember when the chargers had the same type of logo as the dodgers? Twitter Roasts New Los Angeles Chargers Logo
  11. Steve85

    Networks to use fake crowd noise at games without fans

    “Astute football fans don’t need to be told when to cheer or boo or curse or whatever. But for plenty of viewers the external noise is the nudge they need to know how to feel.“ ... wow. lol I mean I’m not surprised but good grief.
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    Ooof this Schedule - W/L Projectionz

    1. Sep 13th vs Dolphins 1:00pm - W 2 Sep 20th at Seahawks 8:20pm - L 3 Sep 27th vs Raiders 1:00pm - W 4 Oct 4th at Chiefs 4:25pm -L 5 Oct 11th vs Broncos 1:00pm - W 6 Oct 18th Bye 7 Oct 25th vs 49ers 4:25pm - L 8 Nov 1st at Bills 1:00pm - L 9 Nov 9th at Jets 8:15pm - W 10 Nov 15th vs Ravens...
  13. Steve85

    2020 schedule to be released tomorrow - (UPDATED: Pats open vs MIA on 9/13)

    BTW, you know the owners are getting their jimmies all rustled thinking of losing 4 games. going to be chomping at the bit for their beloved 17 game season in 2021 :rolleyes:
  14. Steve85

    2020 schedule to be released tomorrow - (UPDATED: Pats open vs MIA on 9/13)

    I would think we’d want to drop the cross conference (nfc) games first because having all inter Conference games (afc) would be more beneficial to create playoff seedings. one of those “old school baseball” type set ups where if you play a team from the other league (conference) it would be in...