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Dec 12th
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2022/2023 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
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    By the numbers: Patricia's offense downright offensive

    I don't like Bill's answer. The best time to start to improve the offense is now, not in the offseason and it's clearly not working now. If I was Bill I would take away play calling from Patricia and just not tell anyone. That way Patricia saves face and Bill doesn't feel like he's throwing...
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    2022 OL

    I definitely didn’t expect this. They essentially run back the same tackles and changed the guards on a line that was good last year. The tackles have been awful. The amount of regression from the tackle position has been a huge part of the offensive issues.
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    2022 OL

    We should draft multiple OT, preferably one in the first two rounds. Id also like them to add a long term center replacement for Andrew’s who probably doesn’t have much time left. I do think a coaching can improve the unit though. Mac drops seem deeper this season than last season, if he was a...
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    ***Dingleberry Casino*** Week 13 Betting

    5k each bet Philly -5.5 49ers -4.5 Seahawks -7.5
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    Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Bills @ Pats

    Welp. I was hoping more for the offense with Von Miller out. Thought Pats needed to be able to run the ball and win time of possession to win the game. Now Pats will need at least two turnovers in the second half to get back in it. I want to see them Blitz Allen in the second half. The...
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    Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Bills @ Pats

    Why are we suddenly bad at clock management. Before the half both weeks we didn’t take timeouts fast enough losing seconds for no reason.
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    Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Bills @ Pats

    We finally forced the Bills to punt!
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    Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Bills @ Pats

    Allen has been really good. Wilson needs to make that tackle. Pats need seven right here.
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    Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Bills @ Pats

    We can’t afford to start drives inside the 10. The offense just isn’t built for it. Not sure what Mac is doing there. I’ve now seen Trent Brown try to cut someone resulting in a sack in back to back weeks. Let’s not do that anymore. Pats need a stop or at least to hold Buffalo to 3.
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    Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Bills @ Pats

    Love using Marcus Jones on offense! Can’t believe he scored on that!
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    Pre-Game Thread- Bills @ Pats (Thursday Night)

    I'm hopeful, but not confident. I know the Bills have this great offense, but with how banged up both o-lines are this game could end up being a rock fight. I think that type of game really benefits the Patriots. On the other hand this Bills team is 0-2 in the division so far and I don't see...
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    Jeff Howe on Brady to the Patriots next season

    I just don't understand why Brady wouldn't just retire after this year. He already retired and unretired in the last offseason. I know at this point we expect him to play forever, but there has to be an end point. If Brady wanted to come back for one more season, I would welcome him back with...
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    Pre-Game Thread- Bills @ Pats (Thursday Night)

    I'm definitely guilty. I thought McDaniels was too conservative. Now that I'm watching the Patricia train wreck I realized how good McDaniel was. I like Bill O'Brien as a future OC too, the offense was really fun with Gronk and Hernandez when he was the OC so I have no doubt he'd be better than...
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    ***Dingleberry Casino*** Week 12 Results

    I don't think I've got a Patriots related bet right all year, but the Mac over under for yards is calling to me. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up to stay away.
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    Tyquan Thornton

    Pats probably should have picked Pickens, or Pierce instead of Thornton, that's how I felt on draft day and Thornton really hasn't shown much to move me off that spot. When he was drafted I also expected him to be our 5th or 6th WR this year but then take a more prominent role next year. So...