Worst positional groups in the NFL - WR's get "honorable mention"

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    When the author of a piece focuses upon "the worst" of anything, it reveals something about that author. He must be a bundle of laughs to party with.
  3. It's hard for any group catching balls from TB to be in the conversation for worst if you ask me.

    We have some bulletin board material now at least.
  4. Sicilian

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    Biggest question marks for sure. When I think of teams with the worst anything, I think of teams with a boatload of players who are KNOWN to suck clogging up their depth chart.

    The Patriots have a wide spattering of talent in their wide receiver group, but each and every one of them comes with a serious question mark (be it injury concerns, youth, or inexperience in the system).

    If this group excels and becomes a top 15 group in the NFL, it won't come out of nowhere. We'll probably just consider it lucky that everyone stayed healthy.


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    Did he see the receiving corps Brady had to work with in 2006?...The same group he took all the way to the AFCCG with 'bug eyes' Caldwell as the deep threat?

    I don't think our WR group this year will be as bad as that.
  6. resdubwhite

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    before a down has been played.

    And this is supposed to be journalism.
  7. PatsFanSince74

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    He's just trying to get a headline by saying that some of the guys catching balls from Tom Brady are among the "worst" groups of their ilk assembled in the NFL. It's hard to say that the Pats WR's are in that company.

    It is fair to say that the group is a big unknown and that any group of WR's that lost Wes Welker automatically gets a big question mark hung on it.

    The flip side is that the Pats can cite this report and then really play the disrespect card if the WR's produce at a high level.
  8. KontradictioN

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    Well that's the thing. If Boyce and Dobson can come out and light it up like Hernandez and Gronk did, then the WR corps is fine and this article is a joke. That said, they could also come out and both be complete duds that couldn't understand the system or get on the same page as Brady. That would make the article correct, since the Pats hinged the WR position on those two players. In the end, I think it's too early to label them as the "worst", or even make them an honorable mention. There's too many question marks. But, outside of them, the position seems to be very weak.
  9. ctpatsfan77

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    On the flip side, we do know that Marshall receivers have done OK in this offense. :)
  10. RobAllan

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    Welker was a Superstar and we didn't replace him with another media Superstar. So we're going to see a lot of articles like this until it's proven otherwise.

    As laughable as it seems, I bet if we were getting Chad Johnson for the first time this year, we'd be listed as one of the best. Even though we know how that would turn out.
  11. JMC00

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    Was he a superstar before he came to New England?
  12. belichick010405

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    "Since it's a Monday in May".....
  13. Joker

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    Gregg Rosenthal???...I mean, GREG ROSENTHAL??????????????? We're now supposed to listen to the ravings of an ex-PFT hack?...c'mon man....

    ex-football players...ex coaches...OK...THEY can play this exercise in futility with some kind of credibility...I mean, I can't stand Casserly but I would not begrudge him HIS opinion on this subject, for example...

    but...Gregg Rosenthal??? the fantasy geek goo gee gaa gaa little twerpo left out of every schoolyard game of pickup anything his whole life???? Please....just LOOK at this and you'll see my point...

  14. Sticky Caulk

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    The answer to your question isn't relevant to RobAllan's point. Welker is a 'superstar' now.
  15. strngplyr

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    He didn't say "worst in NFL history" or anything like that, he said among the worst heading into 2013.

    Where does 2006 apply to this discussion again?

    Nowhere, at least that I read, did he state that we're going to miss the playoffs and go 0-16 because of a potentially weak receiving corps. He says "... The Patriots really are counting on two rookies to produce right away"

    Is he wrong? I don't think so. He stated something fairly obvious. Well, we'll be heavily relying on at least ONE of the rookies, more than likely Dobson, Edelman or Jones may rank ahead of Boyce for much of the season.

    I agree with him ranking us among the worst in the league at the WR position until we prove him wrong. Our top 3 guys are potentially someone who has missed more games over the past 2 seasons than he's played (Amendola's durability is a huge questionmark, along with Edelman) and a pair of rookies.

    Nothing to get worked up over.
  16. DarrylS

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    Writers have to write something to justify their existence and pay checks, he would be better served to hold back on this topic until early November...
  17. resdubwhite

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    Fair enough. But this is the official league website. I tell you you'd expect this on a fan site or even ESPN.

    But the league website. You should expect an little bit of respect from them I think.
  18. RayClay

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    The guy is doing a preseason strengths article. We have no proven WRs, so he's probably being kind. If we hit on our mid round picks or FAs, maybe we'll be great, but he's not paid to be a fortune teller.

    It's not a personal attack, it's just an article.
  19. resdubwhite

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    I understand that, and other teams have definitely had worse things said about them.

    and I knows its just filler. Thing is. no-one knows how these teams are going to gel.

    It is Bulletin board material for all of the teams mentioned.
  20. Claremonster

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    Sensationalism usually sells. The main reason why shock jocks, Marylin Manson and horror movies are popular.

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