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Charlestown, R. I. Stay away from here, it sucks.
To perpetually wield the green wham stick on any a

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Joker Supporter, from Charlestown, R. I. Stay away from here, it sucks. Supporter
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Viewing thread OT: BB Goes On A Rant Re: NFL Crying Poverty, Mar 27, 2015 at 9:48 AM
    1. shmessy
      Personally, I wouldn't advise it. As a person, I like the thread idea. As a Mod, I would have to close it immediately.
    2. PATSNUTme
      I moved it today. It had it's much too long run and now it's game day. :)
    3. PATSNUTme
      Yes, it's a dumb thread. I checked the complaints and there are none sent on this thread.There are a couple of other mods that got involved in the thread before I did. I usually don't take any action if other mods have been involved with a thread. Maybe it will just go away or it will get to the point that more people will get offended and then it can be closed or moved. My instinct is to move it to the Practice Squad and I may do that later tonight.
    4. Gerome23

      My name is GerĂ´me and I'm from Germany. I signed up for an account since I'm searching for the Greatest Games DVD-Collection of the New England Patriots and hoped to find someone who would sell it to me. Can you help me to find it? That would be awesome! It seems to me that the collection is not available to purchase on the internet since it is out of print! Please help me! :-)

      Thank you, best regards and Merry Christmas,

    5. Wax Frog
      Wax Frog
      Are TANGIBLES the fruit that are the source of TANG? :D
    6. NinjaZX6R
      LOL...saw your comments on the Brandon Lloyd thread. Bravo!
    7. mcsully
      333 and I'm looking to sell them for 200 each or best offer.
    8. Wax Frog
      Wax Frog
      Time for a belated compliment - you are what I once dreamt of being on this forum, and I'm grateful for every wisecrack*...

      [sets up an altar and burns incense to Joker] :D

      *except for inside jokes, which only leave me staring blankly; such is life :p
    9. rufcut
      Rufcut was here. What up, bud?
    10. NinjaZX6R
      I had an 08 ZX6r yellow one until some a**holes stole it. I got money from the insurance and luckily for me, one of my best friends had just bought the same exact year and model and color. So I bought it from him.
      As for the Jets. I hate them so much. They are the reason why I got unjustifiably booted from Pats pulpit as a mod.
      Keep up the anti Jets comments!
    11. NinjaZX6R
      I love your anti Jets comments. Too damn funny.
    12. WhiteWesWelker88
      at least you get it dude :)

      check my response.
    13. Joker
      Its a Dalek from the Doctor Who series, Dave
    14. BlueThunder

      WTF is that pic in your avatar?????

    15. Joker
      Thanx,appreciate the heads up
    16. pats1
      PM Ian about it, I don't know
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    Charlestown, R. I. Stay away from here, it sucks.
    To perpetually wield the green wham stick on any a
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    the one wearing a Patriots uniform
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    Shrimp, tenderloins wrapped in bacon,ribs...
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    all music except gangsta rap
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    Casablanca or Patton
    Graduate of LaSalle Academy, Providence, Boston University -Engeering 1973,Johnson&Wales-

    breathing...big fan of drawing breath every day.


    Roger Goodell's work history

    • 1982: Joined league in 1982 as an intern in the NFL's offices in New York.

    • 1983: Worked for the New York Jets in public relations and administration offices.

    • 1984: Returned to the NFL's offices as a public relations assistant.
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