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    If the axiom is true that it all starts from the center and then moves out from there, this Pats team should be in very good shape for the foreseeable future.

    First came this revelation.

    "He's as good as anybody I've been around at communication and identification and just being football smart," Belichick said,

    The object of BB's admiration? OC Dan Koppen.

    And recently this:

    β€œthe most complete guy I’ve ever coached at that position.”

    BB speaking of NG Vince Wilfork.

    Both Koppen and Wilfork are at the centers of this teams fortunes on either side of the ball. How great is is that BB speaks so highly of each? How awesome is it knowing that this team has these two studs manning the center of the football field?

    Edit. Oh, and of course we have Brady ........
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    I agree, Saturday is one helluva undersized center. He and Koppen are two of the best in the business.

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