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Discussion in 'New Member's Area' started by dhyphens, Oct 24, 2011.

  1. dhyphens

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    What's up Pats fans!? I'm a Steelers fan here. No worries...Not one to start childish message board wars and such. Just a football fan that likes to read opinions and thoughts from fans of other teams.

    On a side note, I am a season ticket holder here, and a Steelers ticket stub collector. I'm hoping to find a few Pats collectors or even better, season ticket holders, that might have past Steelers at Pats stubs for trade. I can offer quite a few Pats at Steelers in return....I will also have an extra or two from this weekend to offer. If anyone is a stub collector and interested in trading, or networking for future stubs, let me know.

    Hoping for a good game this weekend.
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    Is there a market for this or just something you do for fun? Growing up I saved all my concert and sporting event stubs for nostalgia but I've never heard of trading stubs so I'm curious.
  3. dhyphens

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    Surprisingly there is actually. If you look on Ebay, people post stubs at ridiculous prices. Paying for a stub is not something I'm every happy about doing, but the lack of collectors and people to trade with, makes it the only option at times.

    Speaking for me, I got into collecting when I was young. My late uncle was a big time memorabilia collector and he got me into it. When he passed away a few years back, I inherited his collection. We've been fortunate enough to have season tickets for quite some time. That gave him a great head start. At some point, he decided that it would be pretty cool to try and go after the away games as well. I would say, when he passed away, he probably managed to collect 30% of all the away games post '74 to '05. I recently decided that I want to try and work at finishing the collection.
  4. JaxPats

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    Welcome to the board. yes, should be a great game indeed. two great teams. Hope Troy plays. love watching that guy. I have a ticket stub from the owners suite, but sorry, can't part with that. don't think there any many out there. Any idea what it may be worth?
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  5. dhyphens

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    JaxPats....That is definitely a cool ticket. Chances are, the ticket would be more valuable to you, than the money it would bring you if you sell it. The value would depend on many factors. First of which would be the game the stub is from. If something significant happened during the game, the price would be higher. Playoff games have more monetary value than regular season as well. Older stubs in good condition have higher value than more recent stubs..etc. The fact your ticket is for the owners box, would probably bring slightly higher value as well (not talking big money or anything). Bottom line, it's worth what you can get for it. Really tough to put a set price on a stub.

    Thanks for the reply!
  6. ForThoseAboutToRock

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    Do you display any of your ticket stub collection? I've had the habit of holding onto a few for sentimental reasons, but almost always end up throwing them out. Maybe if you have a neat system in place I can copy you and restart my own.

    Not a Patriots season ticket holder, btw - so unfortunately I can't help you with the Gillette Stadium Patriots/Steelers stub.

    Welcome to the board. I sent my Steeler fan friend this clip this morning: Inside the NFL - Patriots vs. Steelers - YouTube

    Which was followed by this Gchat:
  7. dhyphens

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    I display mine in a couple different ways. I made up a frame that includes all of my tickets from the first season at Heinz Field...a picture I took from the first MNF game...and a picture from the first time I walked into the stadium for the open house.

    As for the rest, you can buy different sizes of plastic sleeves (amazon is the best vendor), and store them in binders. I have mine organized by year. If I happen to have multiples of a certain game, I have the extras in envelopes separated by year, in a shoe box.

    Super Bowl tickets, I have in screw down plastic cases that you can also buy on Amazon.

    It's pretty cool to look through them after you have them organized. I have seen a few people buy a poster that shows a pretty simple picture (the stadium...or the city...or a player), and stick the stubs directly on the poster and frame it. You can also buy a frame from a store, and simply stick the stubs on the cardboard backing that comes with the frame. These options might limit the $$ value of course, if you ever were to decide to sell the stubs. If you care about the condition of the stubs, you can purchase plastic "corner stickers" that are used in scrapbooking for pictures, and place the stubs in those. That will hold them in place and not degrade the condition of the stub. Just a few ideas. If I can figure out how to post pics, I'll try and throw a few on here for you to check out.

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