Early word for Week 7: Don't Hold Your Breath for GRONK @ Jets

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    Sadly, we already have early word leaked from Team Gronk (via that flake who is confirmed Rosenhaus mouthpiece Florio) that Gronk will be unavailable for Week 7 game vs. Jets.

    "The early word, according to Pro Football Talk, is that Gronkowski is not expected to play this weekend against the New York Jets."

    --reported by Nick Underhill Tom Brady: Patriots hold no resentment toward Rob Gronkowski | masslive.com

    So who's surprised. Last week, Gronk was in Tom Brady's words the "best player in weeklong practices". They kept up the pretense thru Saturday evening, that they were waiting for clearance from Dr Andrews-- a call that never came.

    Heck, who is kidding whom. Nearly 5 months after the surgery and after 6 weeks of practice eligibility, there are no additional scans that are going to help a remote surgeon "clear you". Dr. Andrews is simply the FRONT MAN behind whom Gronk himself is the decider. And of course, helping Gronk is his Dad. Dad seems to be urging Gronk to employ the full Derrick Rose playbook.

    Florio -- usually a skeptic and muckracker but now beholden to Rosenhaus-- is staunchly defending Gronk and acting as unofficial spokeman for Team Gronk. Bedard and others are applauding the use of independent physicians.
    But what happens when you have a player basically using the system to declare himself out for selfish reasons? What are the protections for the team? As far as I know, other than peer pressure, the team has no option.

    By contrast, the Patriots have a lot of heroes. Danny Amendola suffered thru a groin tear and enormous pain to play, missing just 3 games when Florio was forecasting 6 weeks absence. Julian Edelman has played thru nicks and injuries. Bolden, Ridley, Wendel, I could go on and on. Every1 on the Pats -- indeed most football players in the NFL-- play thru some kind of injury.

    Peter King of SI and Ben Volin of the Globe are the exceptions for calling Gronk out. Both cite teammates who are aware of what they see and know. In a team sport, the last thing u want to be known as is "a selfish person" looking out for self. Gronk's absence is a slap in the face of every member of the Pats who suits up to play -- even though they are NOT 100%.

    And yes, Team Gronk, know this. There are NO guarantees against injury in the NFL. None. With your attitude, I foresee, Gronk getting nicked on the second or 3rd time he is tackled. He comes out. He is tended to by the independent doctors who are flown in to be on the sidelines. They declare him unfit to continue. He misses several more games before he is fit (or actually has the nerve) to play again. That's the pattern I see. I may be wrong. But I don't see this relationship ending well. The logic of Gronk says he is no longer about team.

    I would be happy to be proven wrong.
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    Gronk is dying to play football, he'd go out there with a semi broken arm in a heart beat. He's taking the advice of those that know more it's that simple, imo.

    TB never called Gronk out or resented him, said he's been great in practice, I'm sure he feels for Gronk and wanted to give him props because he can't play in a game but the media will spin there BS.

    I'm sick of this silly drama, I can imagine BB, Gronk and TB during a practice talking about what a bunch of dbags the media are.
  3. patsinthesnow

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    This is getting rediculous.

    In the meantime, we will continue to press forward with our elite D and Brady getting in a groove with Edelman, Dobson, and KT. :)
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    Hey now don't count out Collie as long as he is healthy. He'd been with the Pats only 11 days and came up with 2 big catches yesterday.
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    It's giving the rookies much more playing time than they would have had with everyone healthy and playing. Silver linings and all that.

    And in the context of the Patriots, you said "elite D". :rocker:
  7. PrairiePat

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    Thanks for that bit of sunshine, man! I admire the way you pile rumor onto conjecture to build your case!
    Yeah, clearly Dad doesn't want Gronk to play football because ... well, why exactly? That doesn't even make sense. I'm sure 'Dad' has seen a lot of injuries during his kids' careers - he seems more like the 'Tape it up and get back out there!' type to me.

    Gronk himself is deciding he doesn't want to play? Seriously? Have you ever seen anyone who enjoys playing football more than Gronk? Do you think he suddenly turned into The Thinker in the offseason?

    Well then, it's that sleazy Dr Andrews (who apparently needs the $, right?) who is being paid to make some false claim that Gronk is still injured. Uh huh....

    Selfish reasons? I can only think of a few - maybe the arm isn't completely healed yet because of the infection, or the fact that it's the 2nd break of the bone in a year? Maybe it's just a slow process of healing/strengthening. Maybe it's still likely to get reinjured on a solid hit at this point. That would be the logical explanation, but doesn't have enough sizzle for you conspiracy-mongers.

    Seriously, does he seem like that type of person? A selfish egomaniac looking out for himself by nursing a fake injury? Did you miss the Vegas wrestling video?

    Clearly. His goal is now to alienate the teamates he'll be playing with during the next few years of his contract, and to remake his image as a self-centered egotist to enhance his long-term value going forward.

    Sorry to disagree, but this whole big conspiracy people are convinced about makes very little sense to me.
  8. MassPats38

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    With some of the threads of late, yes please.


    #12 Jersey

    If this storyline continues AND the Pats continue to win WITHOUT Gronk then every week increases chances of them just saying the hell with this and put him on IR.

    To be honest with you,regardless of him being the best TE in the game when healthy,between the media and the family Gronk,this has become a complete circus and I think if he isn't ready soon then IR would be best for the team.
  10. Soadisthebest

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    IR so they can continue to be awful in the redzone the rest of the season? No thanks.
  11. Joker

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    OK...it's really starting to bug me now...what is it?

    is it Service Oriented Analysis and Design?

    or System Of A Down?

    this is irking me...the not knowing..I'm sorely irked...
  12. robbomango

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    I turn on 98.5 today to hear about the great victory and I get Felger and Mazz *****ing about TB's Gronk comments. My head almost exploded, f@#$%ing pond scum making s@#t up. Doesn't matter with these clowns dammed if you do dammed if you don't.

    Maybe it got better idk, I had to shut it off, blood pressure shot through the roof.
  13. cmasspatsfan

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    I can't wait til he gets out there so these stupid threads with even dumber theories stop popping up, I'm going to assume some of you guys are PUI (posting under the influence) or just listen to Felger too much and swallow all the shat he feeds you.
  14. supafly

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    This post sir, is a complete knee jerk reaction.

    Even in a worst case, Gronk waits until after the next 3 games and returns in a month after the bye.

    Either way, you don't IR someone who just last week prior to the Cincy game claimed "whether it's this week, next week, or the week after." He is obviously on the right track and is somewhat close to coming back.

    Why IR a player who is close to coming back and can add a tremendous amount of value to our offense for the rest of the season and playoffs?
  15. robbomango

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    lol, I never listen to those clowns, maybe twice a year when I visit the family in Boston. Todays was the 1st time in a while and it's a bunch of nonsense, it lasted less than 5 minutes before I shut it off.
  16. tuckeverlasting

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    it's system of a down or is my humor button not working and you knew.
  17. supafly

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    As dumb as those mediots are, at least I can somewhat respect the fact that their main job is to come up with a controversial subject where people can talk about it and throw out different theories. I mean, that's what they get paid to do. Right now, Gronk is a very popular topic where people have different opinions, so it makes for great talk radio.

    Here on patsfans, no one is getting paid to come up with this stuff--so to me, this is way worse. Rob Gronkowski is definitely the kind of elite talent who is worth carrying a roster spot for, at least until the bye week anyway, and he'd have to be pretty damn cautious to want to wait a whole other month before playing even in that scenario.

    If he's not able to go after the bye week and there are no positive signs, then IR becomes a possibility.
  18. Joker

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    no, I'm serious...you never know here...soadisthebest COULD be a computer freak...but I'm going with system of a down too...it's just been bugging me
  19. robbomango

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    I hear what you're saying Supa, I'm not into the pot stirring drama queen aspect of the media, just want to hear some football talk, none of this he said she said crap. "Oh Brady said this and I think he meant such and such and oh wow how tragic, how dare he" Yeeesh, it's unbearable.
  20. Ozymandias

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    I don't expect to see him out there this week, but hey, stranger things have happened.

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