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He has his own YouTube channel. His own website. His own clothing/merchandise. On his website it says “The official brand of Chase Winovich”. I have no real issue with it. Edelman has been one of the biggest innovators in this area for athletes but Edelman never seemed to let “the brand” come first. His tweet isn’t that big of a deal on the surface but at best it was attention seeking. Winovich just seems to have a lot of growing up to do.

Edelman only did this well after he became an established star who knew his position and the playbook inside out. Wino is doing it right out of the gate, still a nobody, and still not anywhere near grasping the playbook.


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Complaining about NFL players tweeting innocuous things at the beginning of their offseason is the same Karen logic as complaining about nurses doing TikTok dances on their break. Do you think Winovich just never goes to the gym because he's always on his phone or something?
It's an exaggeration, so of course I don't expect he should be working on his game 24/7. But the guy is a goof tweeting s*** nobody knows what he's talking about. I don't see him lasting here very long with his play on the field, rumors about him and now these stupid tweets. The front 7 needs an overhaul.

I'm not even going to go there with those cringe worthy nurses dancing on Tik Tok.
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I’m getting tired of his act, personally. He’s nowhere near good enough to warrant it. I remember in 2019, after a series of Instagram ****posts he made, Brady commented, “Study your playbook,” under one of them and it stopped. I get the impression that he may not be the hardest worker in the building.
OMG! Brady criticized a player and expected him to play at a higher level? That's so mean. He should take a page from Cant Newton and give those slackers some TLC.