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Who else is ridiculously psyched about game 1 and the Pat’s season in general ?


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I’m 58 years old, so I’m generally even keeled. But for some reason, I’m really psyched about the 2021 season. I’m really psyched about game 1, I just feel the Pats have a good team.

Last year, even with Cam and the opt outs, I still thought the Pats could make the playoffs. But I never thought Cam would play so poorly (as a passer). I never saw only EIGHT TD passes all year coming. It has to be 30+ years since we had a QB(s) that threw single digit TD passes all year. And FFS, Cam threw 3 TD passes in the final game of the year vs the hapless Jets. So FIVE TD passes in 14 games. I don’t care how poor the weapons were, a decent QB can make things work and have at least 15 TD passes. The offense was just so dismal last year.

This year, I really feel Mac Jones is a natural for this offense, he just fits like a glove. And then the quality players brought in during free agency and an excellent draft. The additions/returns of Hightower & Van Noy, Judon, the TEs & receivers. I just feel this is a well built team. I feel after some adjustments to the NFL, Jones will make this offense run really well. TEs are a rookie QB’s best friend. And we signed two excellent ones. Jones has good chemistry with some of the weapons already.

I think a lot of teams will underestimate the Pats this year, it’s going to be an exciting year, I’m psyched big time.
The NEP have enough talent and quality coaching to have a winning season. I have no doubt about this. Like you I'm in my 50s and feel strongly I know what a talented team or a team with decent potential looks like.

The 2021 NEP are kinda in the middle between the two. We aren't talking about the 04 or 07 Pats here but I had a ton more questions with the 01 team and even the 2010 roster.

The 2021 team will have a winning season. I have no doubt. Are they a team that can go deep in the playoffs? Possibly but a lot of things need to develop.

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I'm giddy, too. More so than other seasons. I think its the addition of all the new players. I'm very excited about our pass rush potential (Judon, VanNoy, HT, Uche, Wino), O line (having Andrews and Brown back), the TEs, the running game (Harris, Stephenson, Taylor), and of course the reason I watch the games - to see the best special teams in the league..

It should be fun to watch Mac develop as well.


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Excited to see Maccurate Jones & NE dominate the league for another 20 years.

seems crazy, but watching preseason highlights tape of some of those Mac plays… the way he moved in the pocket was reminding me of TFB. It actually made me a bit misty.

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