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Which teams are you rooting for?

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From here on in?

I like the bengals/bungles. Bills some. In the nfc, the bucs, rams maybe.

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Tampa - Brady. Easy one.
Bengals - they deserve it more than anyone
Tennessee - unbelievably banged up. Fun to watch. Vrabal is nuts and I love him.
Bills - right behind Cinci maybe in front after 4 SB losses in a row. I loved that rivalry game last night. I miss it and between Buffalo & Miami we have two legit rivals. Bill is the ultimate competitor so I'm hoping it unleashes something in him.
Arizona - love the way the built that team. KK & Murray. Lot of fun players on that team.

After that idc although I wouldn't mind seeing Jimmy G win the big one.

Matchups I'd like to see.

TB / Bills

Arizona / Cinci

Tenn / TB

Arizona / Bills

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In order:

Bucs - I still love Tommy and Gronk, sue me!
Bengals - Most unfortunate franchise remaining in the post season.
Cardinals - I like me some Kyler Murray.
Titans - I like me some Mike Vrabel.
Niners - I like them better than the six Lombardi Steelers…and the Rams.
Rams - Don’t care for their super team…..
Steelers - Six Lombardis and counting….
Chiefs - Not a fan…although I like Mahomes.
Bills - **** our divisional rivals!
Packers - I can’t stand Rodgers….


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i would love to see a new team win the SB this year... but meh, eff buffalo...

so cincy or tenn vs arizona,


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Jimmy to meet Tom in the NFCCG.

I’ll go with the Bengals to beat Tenn. Tenn is the worst #1 seed since their 2008 team.

Chiefs to beat the Bengals.

I want to see the first Super Bowl rematch since the Cowboys-Bills.

Tom to win the Super Bowl again and the board having a meltdown.