Where Does This Super Bowl Rank For You?

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Nov 1st

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#1 and its not close. The sheer will to win by the entire team is unprecedented.

Greater than '01. Greater than '14.

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Down 25 with about 22 minutes to play....comparable to Sox down 3 games to none to Yankees IMHO. Every play was crucial, and the Pats offense and defense made them all for the win.


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it's so hard to say the day after, but for 2 years the team, QB and fanbase have been dragged through the mud. This one more than any other one it was the Pats vs everyone. For me this one is my favorite, ask me 2 years from now, who knows

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36 still number 1 but they are all special.

This was sledge hammer game though. Couldnt believe there was still doubters after their performance in 49. Brady has always put this team on his back in the closing minutes, every superbowl, even the two losses.

To go in there with 2 minutes left in the 3rd and to come back from 28-3 is just impossible in everyones book but somehow they found a way.

466 yards. 161 in the 4th quarter. A GAME WINNING TD IN OT. What else can be said?

That defense though. Giving up 21 points to those guys is something special that may have gone a little underappreciated by the media.


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this game was so painful to watch...its the greatest comeback in sports history. i still think 49 was THE best Super Bowl ever.


51 was amazing, but really only for a little over a quarter and a drive in overtime.

49 meant more to me as a fan. It was the first win since I'd become an adult, and really began following the sport.


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Not as exciting as the seahawks one, mainly because this was a game of two halfs and two teams. We didn't came out firing, Atl did. Then they got tired in the fourth quarter and lost their team speed, then we started firing and the rest is history. With the seahawks superbowl, the two teams are very even and was going back and forth, then it came down all the way to the last three plays, and our defense seal the game. It was a way bigger emotional roller coaster ride than last night, since it was really like watching 2 different games.


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49 is #1 because it shut all the skeptics up and truly cemented Brady and Belichick's legacies. And it was un-****ing-believable. A great game against a tough team for four quarters, with an incredible comeback to boot. If the Pats had lost that one it would have been three awful losses in a row. Impossible to bear.

This one was amazing but the Pats were playing with house money. Even when it seemed almost certain they would lose, I wasn't filled with agonizing remorse. I felt like it had been a good year and maybe this just wasn't their night -- and that the Falcons had played an amazing game. I just didn't want it to be a blowout. :)


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A 39yr old QB with 4 titles and over 200 wins to his name, neck and neck with Montana for the title of G.O.A.T. (opinion outside of NE), goes out and has THAT kind of signature game? Without Gronk? While getting knocked around like it was last year's AFCCG in Denver? 43 freaking *completions*? 466 yards with no deep bomb(s) skewing the stats? Overtime? Down 25 late in the 3rd? The team making one needed play after another a la the Snow Bowl? Two must-have 2pt conversions? I could go on and on.

#1 and not even close.



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49 was the best GAME, 2 great teams in a fistfight until the end
51 was historical, epic comeback/left no doubt who's GOAT
36 where it all started


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That was one for the ages. Watch the 20 min highlight package on pats website. The throws and catches are just on point over and over and over. Unbelievable.


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All I can say with certainty is the Carolina/Philadelphia Superbowls are at the bottom of my list. They were nice but they just didn't have the drama although the Carolina one was a very good game.


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I'd been waiting for the Pats to get back to the SB after witnessing the beatdown in '85, and it took them 10 years to do so. That '96 SB broke my heart, but it re'cemented the love I had for a team that I'd seen play since the late 70's. I thought we'd be back again quickly, especially with Drew at the helm. Who could be better than Drew to lead them back?

Then 2001 happened. It was the single greatest feeling I'd had as a sports fan, as I got to share it with Dad, who took me to just about every home game in the late 70's and 80's. The fact that we got to share the 2001 win together, after transplanting to Florida, meant everything as a Pats fan. That to me is 1b to the Sox winning, because of my Dad's love for baseball, and the historical meaning of it.

Until SB51. This is above everything I've witnessed as a fan of Boston teams. I've always believed that Larry Bird was the epitome of a true competitor, leading through will, heart, and confidence. What Tom did last night goes way beyond what Larry ever did. You always look up to your heroes as a young guy, you never imagine finding a better hero when your older, especially when you're older than them. This wasn't just Tom's greatest game, it was Tom showing the entire world how great he really is. What people aren't understanding is what Tom (and Bill) have accomplished tonight within their sport. They are Red Auerbach and Bill Russell, Casey Stengel and the Yankees, the Montreal Canadians. None of that happens without Brady being Brady, at 39 years old.

The best part is, what's next?


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Easily #1 for me. I was elated in 2001. I shed a quick tear in 2003. I was joyous in 2004 and bragged a lot. I was stunned in 2014 and only truly enjoyed it moments later. Yesterday, I was distraught. I watched the rest of the game in the middle of the night after my phone wouldn't let me sleep (friends and family kept texting and calling). I cried. I cried. And then I cried some more. And anyone who happened to be listening to Zo and Bertrand (Adam Jones filling in for Zo) would have heard me cry a fourth time.

This is after already knowing the score and that it was overtime, no less. The way they did it was just insane! I'm damn near in tears typing this ****. EASILY #1 for me. My only regret is not seeing it live, but even that is not enough to diminish anything for me.


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51 was obviously the best comeback but we played like ass for like half the game. 49 is still the best SB of all time for me.
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