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Joker Supporter Supporter
Fangio is another one of these discount Wrecks Ryan co-ordinator types that are way over their heads as head coach...IMO. And where IS the big mouth toe saucking disgrace to all Irishmen been this season? He choke on a toe or what?


Pro Bowl Player
Gostkowski missed 3 FGs from 42-47 in friggen Denver? Belichick was right on that one. Why pay a kicker millions to miss from 40-49 when you can pay the minimum


Pro Bowl Player
Yeah but he's a freaking kicker. How hard is it to kick it straight? It's not like he's 40.
Gotta remember this guy had hip surgery.

For a kicker, that can mess up a lot of things.His range of motion could be entirely affected.

Sciz Supporter Supporter
Continuing the "rough weekend for former Patriots" theme, Trent Brown got hurt on the first play (and left the game after two more snaps) with what appears to be an aggravation of the calf injury that had him sitting out for most of training camp.

That continues last year's theme for him:

Week 2: Questionable, Knee
Week 3: Questionable, Ankle
Week 7: Doubtful and Inactive, Calf
Week 8: Questionable, Calf
Week 9: Left game after 6 snaps, Knee
Week 10: Questionable, Knee
Week 11: Questionable, Knee
Week 13: Questionable, Knee
Week 14: Out, Pectoral
Week 15: Questionable and Inactive, Pectoral
Week 16: Injured Reserve, Pectoral

He's making $21.5 million this year.