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Other games besides Pats-Miami being played this weekend:

Early Games:
Jets at Bills (-6.5)
Browns at Ravens (-7.5)
Colts (-7) at Jaguars

Raiders (-3) at Panthers

Seahawks at Falcons (pick)
Eagles (-6) at Washington
Bears at Lions (-2.5)
Packers at Vikings (-1.5)

Late Games:
Chargers (-3) at Bengals
Cardinals at 49ers (-7)
Bucs at Saints (-3.5)

Night Games:
Cowboys (-2) at Rams
Steelers (-6) at Giants
Titans (-3) at Broncos


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I can’t tell if the Jest offense reeks that much or the Bills have picked up where they left off last year on defense or both.


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Washington goes three and out, then Philadelphia scores quickly on a 5-play drive. Going to be a long season for Team Snyder. Eagles up 7-0 with 9 minutes to play in 1st quarter.

Baltimore goes 49 yards on seven plays following a Baker Mayfield interception on a short pass. Ravens up 7-0.

Colts score easily on first drive to go up 7-0. Jacksonville defense looks like a sieve.

Other first quarter scores:

Raiders 7, Panthers 3

Vikings 7, Packers 3

Lions 3, Bears 0

Seahawks 7, Falcons 3

Bills 7, Jets 0
Jets have two 3-and-outs for four yards.
Bills turned the ball over on a fumble on their first drive, then scored on a Josh Allen keeper (4-4 on drive for 42 yards, plus two carries for 11)


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Baseball score alert:
Vikings 7, Packers 5 after Cousins was sacked for a safety.
Offensive Plays: GB 24, Minn 10
First Downs: GB 11, Minn 4
Time of Possession: GB 13:57, Minn 4:43


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Colts go up 14-7 after Jacoby Brissett makes an appearance and loses six yards on 2nd & goal on the 2.
Total Yards: Colts 222, Jaguars 95
Net Passing Yards: Colts 174, Jaguars 20
Jags averaging 6.8 yards per carry against the Indy defense.

Ravens 10, Browns 6
Baltimore could be up more but fumbled the ball away on the Cleveland 7.

Bills 21, Jets 0
First Downs: Bills 16, Jets 1
Total Yards: Bills 186, Jets 23
Yards Per Play: Bills 5.6, Jets 1.6

Lions 6, Bears 3

Eagles 17, Washington 0

Seahawks 14, Falcons 9
Wilson 12-13 passing; Atlanta penalized four times for 62 yards.


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Halftime Scores:

Ravens 24, Browns 6
Lamar Jackson: 13-17, 208 yards passing, 2 TD
First two Cleveland drives: Mayfield int leads to a TD, punter's fumble leads to a FG. Then near end of half Browns miss a 41 yard FG, and Baltimore drives 69 yards in 35 seconds to score a TD.

Packers 22, Vikings 10
Rodgers: 19-28, 201 yards, 2 TD
Cousins: 3-5, 54 yards, 1 INT, 1 sack for a safety
Total Yards: GB 271, Minn 97


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Detroit starting to pull away, lead Bears 20-6.
Stafford: 15-23, 215 yards, 1 TD
Trubisky: 8-20, 110 yards
Third Down: Lions 3-8, Bears 0-6 (plus 0-1 on 4th)
* Jamie Collins was ejected for unsportsmanlike conduct after making contact with an official

Eagles 17, Washington 13
Philly's first two drives: TD, FG
Philly's last five drives: Punt (3 plays, 5 yards), INT (1 play, 0 yards), Punt (3 plays, 0 yards), Punt (3 plays, 8 yards), INT (1 play, 0 yards).
Both interceptions led to 5-play drives ending with a Washington TD.

Seahawks 28, Falcons 12
Russell Wilson: 21-24, 183 yards, 4 TD
Atlanta turns the ball over on downs as Ryan is sacked on 4th & 2 at the Seattle 11