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2nd Team Getting Their First Start
I don't know how you could have a GOAT discussion that doesn't include Montana. Brady's body of work gives him the title, but Joe did more than just win 4 Super Bowls. Him and Bill Walsh changed the game. He doesn't have the gawdy passing stats but he also played in an era where quarterbacks were allowed to be hit and receivers were allowed to be touched.
The only knock from me against Montana and I agree he is in the convo for greatest behind Brady is that his numbers were far below his peers who played during the same era - Elway, Marino. It was always curious to me because Montana played in the West Coast offense and had Rice and Taylor all those years and his numbers are paltry in comparison. I am not a big stat person as I believe winning and being clutch trumps all but when doing the pecking order for the greatest, stats do matter in the context of the era played in.
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