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Week 12: Other NFL Games

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Went thru 2 pages and couldn't find the other NFL games thread.

1. Aaron Rodgers really looks locked in more than any other QB right now. And with Green Bay's D, this team may be scary. But they are injured at WR.

2. Tom Brady is not the same since playing the Patriots. I was ridiculed for saying this several games ago but he's really really struggling, and his WRs just seem totally disinterested. It's clear he still has the arm as he zipped some passes today that showed he's still Tom Brady. I think it has to do with stubborn hard-headed Arians insisting on an aerial offense when other teams are clearly flooding the zone and giving Brady nothing.

3. As for the Bucs today, they were tied late but had the ball at the Colts 25, 2nd and 1 with 30 seconds left. They were running it to get in position for the game winning FG. The Colts had only one TO. Then Fournette broke a few tackles and ran it 25 yards for a TD, scoring with 21 seconds left. The Colts took the kick and broke it wide open, and only a shoestring tackle from behind at the Bucs 29 prevented a game tying TE. The Colts still had 14 second left on the clock, but then Wentz threw a pick. If the Colts had scored, you really have to wonder how Fournette didn't realize that he could have iced the game if he had gone down at the 2 (the Bucs had 2 TOs left). How is a player not aware? I know there are minimal chances that the opposition is going to score with 20 seconds left, but why risk a kick return at all. It always bit them in the butt.

4. Go Browns!!!!


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do you have sb1 on ignore? He created another one that is up to 7 pages now.

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