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Dec 6th

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Sorry if already posted- didn't see other games thread for this week.

Crazy that Taysom Hill is the starting QB for Saints and is on the punt protection team.


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Ravens-Titans goes to OT.

Baltimore goes 3 and out on opening OT drive. Tennessee driving, close to midfield.


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Please some team beat the Steelers. I can’t stomach the idea they’ll go 16-0.

If nothing else it might finally shut up Mercury Morris and Dolphin fans reliving their glory days from a half century ago.
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Tua Tagovailoa is 2-7 for 16 yards (one TD), and has been sacked twice for a loss of 8 yards.

IOW in nine pass plays, Miami has gained eight yards (1.1 yards per dropback).

Denver 10, Miami 7 thanks to a Drew Lock interception on Denver's first drive that gave Miami the ball on the Broncos 22.


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Chargers - Jets is a game with both teams trying to lose, but the Jete being much more successful in their attempt to be unsuccessful.

  • LAC Drive #1: forced to punt, punt blocked.
  • NYJ Drive #1: 29 yard drive, TD; extra point wide left.
  • LAC Drive #2: fumbled the ball away inside the red zone.
  • NYJ Drive #2: on the first play of the drive Flacco throws a pick-six; LAC leads 7-6.
  • NYJ Drive #3: negative 5 yards, three and out; LAC takes over on the 43.
  • LAC Drive #3: 5 play drive, 39 yard TD pass; LAC up 14-6.
  • NYJ Drive #4: another three and out.
  • LAC Drive #4: on the first play the Jete get beat for a 54 yard pass; LAC goes on to score TD, now up 21-6.
  • NYJ Drive #5: Jete get their third 1st down of the game, but have to punt again.
  • LAC Drive #6: drive stalls on their own 46; punt goes 54 yards for a touchback in a gift to NYJ.
  • NYJ Drive #6: Jete fail to get multiple first downs on a drive for the first time in this game, forced to punt.
2:00 minute warning in this complete mess of a game.. Yards passing: LAC 240, NYJ 30.

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The 2020 Steelers season so far has been similar to what the Pats faced the 1st half of last year. Their SOS is by far the worst in the league at .388 and they've also benefitted from playing such luminaries as Luton and Driskel at QB. They won close games against the Titans and Raven and blew out the Browns, They have the Ravens, Browns, Colts and Bills remaining so I doubt they run the table.