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Tracy Sormanti

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Our youngest daughter Emily was a Junior Patriots Cheerleader in 2013, and they performed at halftime of a preseason game when Danny Amendola caught his first pass as a Patriot.

I got firsthand exposure to Tracy's leadership, organization, commitment and inspiration. The accolades, warmth, appreciation and anecdotes about Tracy remind me of all the stories about Bill Belichick's kindness, humility, openness and generosity behind the scenes.

I was there for several practices and Tracy was all business. Clearly, she was in charge, and things ran smoothly with the same precision as the football team.

She was always patient and thoughtful in our interactions, including acknowledging me when I congratulated her & the girls after beating the Seahawks in Arizona - probably the second most exciting of the six title wins.

All we can do now is appreciate her. 2020 has been a very, very difficult year.

cupofjoe1962 Supporter Supporter
So sad, I was in section 3 in the old stadium, 5 rows from the field & I use to see her from close range & she was beautiful & she did a great job with our cheerleaders.

RIP Tracy & prayers for your family