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NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION The Official Raiders @ Bengals Thread

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I hate the Raiders more than I hate the Bengals


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One thing this game has going for it. 2 good young QBs. Carr and Burrow are both legit. I especailly think Carr is a bit underrated. He's clearly top 10 right now in my mind.


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Bengals in the playoffs with hopes to snap their losing streak? I feel like I've seen this before. Almost like history is repeating itself....

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I hate the Raiders more than I hate the Bengals
That's like I hate herpes more than ice cream. I can't think of a reason to hate the Bengals. Ever.

Ok, maybe not ice cream...something irrelevant will do as an example.

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I can see the Raiders stealing this one away. Not sure why so many people were afraid to play the Bengals. Their defense is mediocre and their offense is streaky and the Pats haven’t had as much problem vs the pass as the run.


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Chase looks unreal. Great chemistry with burrow.

I feel sorry for Mac...


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Bengals start off strong on their opening drive...7-3 Cincy