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Pete, where did you get that portrait of my household affairs?

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Am I a bad person for laughing at that?'re just a bad person for not hooking me up with cheap Chinese products that I can import and sell in Cedar Rapids Iowa...I coulda been a contender

Patjew Supporter Supporter're just a bad person for not hooking me up with cheap Chinese products that I can import and sell in Cedar Rapids Iowa...I coulda been a contender

Whadaya want? Toys, glasses, shirts, ladies... I'll export anything.

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how about cheap labor to buttress my burgeoning flood damage cleanup business?

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you know I love you, right? I mean ,who DOES what you do?...there are no posters anywhere on any board posting from China....if I was younger I'd ask you to make me rich, BUT,being older, I can honestly say it's your passion that shines through..and THAT is the most important thing.

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LOL, thanks, love you too, man. The Pats are what I miss most from back home.

PS- I'm working on making me rich and I have a long way to go still!

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I was rich when I was younger...I was also a is someone you don't know paying your tab to be an insider is the confidence and knowledge that Roger Goodell better never run into that one person who can strip his emperor's clothes for the entire world to see...but basically, rich is KNOWING that Steve Grogan proved that passion for the NEP was well rewarded and lasts a lifetime.

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Time to see how the Jets defense looks against the Bills, compared to our own.
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Its not even close!!!Our D is terrible!!!I remind u that this Jets defense gave up alot of yards to miami last week.


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(Finished whatching the Bills vs Jets) I'm usually not very pessimistic, but man our D is abysmal.


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Still alot to work on but definitely a step in the right direction. The defense wasn't as bad as the 30 spot last week and I also think they weren't as good as the 14 spot this week. We need better 3rd down defense and it will be light years better. Some mistakes by McCourty,Arrington, and the safeties on 3rd and longs which seem correctable. Make stops in those situations and it's a big difference from what we've seen. I truly feel this defense will be solid come November.


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I call them a work in progress.

If I come back here and revisit this thread in a month, I will say exactly the same thing.

If I see this thread disappear from the front page of the messageboard, I will take it as a good sign.
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Carson Palmer - 345 Yards / 2 TDs
Mark Sanchez - 220 Yards / 3 TDs
Ryan Fitzpatrick - 242 Yards / 2 TDs
Chad Henne - 302 Yards / 2 TDs

Still not liking this...

We actually made some third down stops tonight, though.
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Definitely need to get better on 3rd downs. But some of the things we needed to see improve over last season.

1. Better red zone defense: Check
2. More forced Turnovers: Check
3. Tackle!: Check, night and day over last season.
4. Better pass rush: Work in progress: Shows flashes, but the young guys need to develop better moves.
5. Better 3rd down defense: Work in progress: Long way to go.
6. Better reads from the back 7: Work in progress, big step forward tonight. But still some concerns. One example: Bess made Chung sit down on the jerk route.
7. Better stopping the run in sub packages: Improved tonight, but is still a work in progress.

I usually hate early byes, but this year it comes at the perfect time. The defense now has a 4 game cut up on itself. They should tighten up some their issues, especailly the biting on jerk routes, play action etc... More importantly they now have two weeks to prepare for the Ravens.

Now we need to tighten up the kick coverage on both Punt and KO (Gostkowski masks some issues there). But the return game is very special and there is no reason not to think that this will continue throughout the season. The return game should keep feeding the offense very good field position.
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