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Nov 29th

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Re: draft tracker is now available...

This site has become very valuable as perhaps the best overall free resource.

From Combine stats, arm/hand length, videos, grades, and brief overviews -- one-stop-shopping is here.

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For my fellow Draft Loonies, Fanatical FootBall Fiend has pulled in the first early Reports, from National FootBall Post, SideLine Scouting, Mocking The Draft, and a couple others:

- 2012 NFL FootBall Draft Scouting Reports

Wes Bunting tends to get an early leg up on the competition at NFP ~ this year's no different ~ and if history holds, both he and Draft InSider will start rolling out team by team reports in a couple weeks.

NFL Mocks provides nice early overviews of who might be prospect material, but I don't include them, at this point, because they're not really what I'd call Scouting Reports: just Profiles, really.

Pro FootBall Weekly rather stupidly all but hid their Reports, last year. I don't know how I missed them, as I looked. But they'll join my lineup, this year: I only include the Free Sites, of course. I'll be dropping Tool Box and Draft Bible, but plan on bringing back everyone else.

If anyone has any suggestions as to who I might add to the lineup, I'd be very gratefull: I progressed, from last March to December, from Interested, to Engaged, to Passionate, to CONSUMED with this, which means that there are quite possibly LOTS of resources I haven't yet uncovered...

AJ Young

Down at the One is a great source for prospect rankings, draft profiles, mock drafts and general draft analysis. Check it out: