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The best draft research resources

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In the Starting Line-Up's Combine site is now up. All profiles are the condensed version from, a subscription site. Combine numbers will also be added. We referred to this site last draft more than any other -- sticky requested:

NFL Events: Combine Participants


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For the next few months lots of folks will stop by here wanting background on the draft prospects. Let's keep this sticky to nothing but links to highly recommended resources. (Sound ok, Seneschal?)


Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job
Thank you ctpatsfan77. Sorry I have one more...can you please create one more link ?

Scott Wright of DraftCountdown has one hour draft talk show that discusses the draft propects in details on
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Ok, I can't stand it anymore. I miss my I am thinking of plunking now some cash and either getting:
1) Sporting News War Room
2) ESPN Insider for McShay, Kiper and Scouts Inc.

Any advice before I take the plunge?
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