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NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Thanksgiving NFL week 12 games

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Next Up: at Bills
Pick Results: NE: 84.8% at BUF: 15.2%

Dec 6th

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In the meantime - this was a fun thanksgiving game.

Brady had himself a day. A perfect 158.3 rating.

Alphonso Smith of the lions had himself a day too but not exactly for the same reason as Brady…

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Yes!! Goff-Dalton today!!! This is the rivalry America needs.



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Yes!! Goff-Dalton today!!! This is the rivalry America needs.



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As far as NE is concerned, the only game of importance is Bills-Saints. And unfortunately, it looks like Alvin Kamara is out.

Ingram has had over 100 combined yards in each of the last 2 games. All they need to do is just pound him right up the middle.


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Happy Thanksgiving, american comrades. I hope you have a good time. But Mashed Potatoes being something only for Thanksgiving is a sin.

Also, Lions will get their first W and Nagy will be fired on Black Friday, it will be super funny

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I'm interested in watching the Bills - Saints tonight......I don't think I could care less about a game than the Bears-Lions...

For today, go Saints!!!!! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.
You DID hear it was Dalton vs Goff right ? Like, I don't get you people ! This matchup of a combined 3-16-1 record has all the makings of a classic !!!
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