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Sunday Games Thread: Bills/Jaguars and Panthers/Saints

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I picked both home teams yesterday so already 0/2. Buffalo would be a 3rd major upset imo... saints/panthers is a toss up imo

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Watching the kids on LA crumble under the playoff pressure last night, I'm declaring ...on this day...NO's neophyte defense is not ready for primetime.
In the AFC.....who cares. A Bills / Jags playoff game is an insult to humanity


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Yesterday was underdog day, today the chalk prevails!

I was so certain Atlanta would win yesterday, I forgot they were actually underdogs!

Today, though...a Bills victory would shock me, JAX is not a good matchup for them. And I feel pretty good about NO, though the Panthers are such an uneven, unpredictable team that you never know what you'll get from them.


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Bills @ Jags

This will be a good defensive game. Hopefully very smash mouth. Even with McCoy playing I don't expect much from him. He is likely not going to be effective particularly vs this D. The Jags run D since a 2nd half trade has been very good. They don't tend to let QBs run for big games and their DBs are pretty solid. Particularly Ramsey.

They won't get much done on offense but they are more likely to get the explosive types of plays on both sides.

The Bills just really need to play mistake free. No turnovers and no really bad penalties. The Jags can be passed on in certain situations so you probably want to give up on running to much and go to a conservatie short pass game against their #2 CB and #3 CB and LBs. See if you can pick up good chunks and keep drives moving.

On defense get to Bortles. He can be baited into mistake and just a little pressure can make him stupid. The Bills need to win the turnover battle to win IMO and they have a path to do it.

I think the Jags take it in the end though.

Jags 20 (with a defensive score) Bills 10 in a tough defensive old school kinda game.

livinginthe past

2nd Team Getting Their First Start
Saints are a second favorite team (a distant second, I might add) so i'd like to see them do well - plus I cannot stand Cam Newton or the Panthers franchise in general (for an NFC team, they were front and center for all the cameraplacementgate garbage).

I think the Bills post-season fairytale will be a shortlived one (but probably long enough to clear IKEA of their collapsible table stock) - the Jags know that their krytonite tonight is their own QB - they'll run the ball and the Bills have been very inconsistent stopping the run.

Tyrod Taylor is a lot like Alex Smith - risk averse to the point of playing scared - plus he has an allergy to throwing to guys who aren't already open and the middle of the field. If McCoy can't go, I can't see Buffalo putting up more than 10 points.

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Cam Newton has the highest variance of any QB. Panthers analysis usually boils down to whether he plays to his ceiling or his floor.

Of course, the two times we’ve played him we’ve faced ceiling Newton.

Cam Newton Career Game Log vs. Patriots | (he’s legit wrecked as more than any other QB save Wilson)

Panthers can reach (and win) the SB if he plays well. It’s all on him. Excited for that game.


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Panthers @ Saints

Saints and Panthers have played 2 games this year with the Saints winning both (34-13 and 31-21).

The Sainst ran well against the good Carolina run D both times and it will probably happen again. If it does Carolina probably has no shot to keep up. Their pass ruh doen't really get to Brees enough and they don't have a great solution for the Saints top WR thomas if the Saints run game is working. 1 on 1 no one on the Panthers can really match up well with him.

If the Saints offense get rolling and gets near 30 it is game over. This Carolina ream really scores 30 points. The Key for the Saints is just repeat what they have been doing on offense the pat 2 contest.

When it i Car offense vs Saints D the Panthers need to score but they have ways. The big thing which will help is they are not built around 1 offensive WR weapon. Whoever Lattimore is on just make sure to use that guy to drag him away from the play. He is probably their best defensive player. Make him a non factor if you can.

The Panthers should look to run on the average run D of the Saints but in the end they need to throw. The Saints pass D outside Lattimore can be exploited. Cam needs to be on target and use his bigger more physical WRs.

Also the Saints don't have a great answer for McCaffrey.

If Good Cam shows up the game will be fun. If not it will not be fun to watch.

Saints 30 Panthers 20