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Game Day Thread SPECIAL GAMEDAY THREAD: Tampa takes on the Buggalo Billdos

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Oct 2nd
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The Pats running their full offense against the Bills #1 in the NFL defense (DVOA) is not a good matchup.

Belichick is extremely smart.

He has no interest in letting Mac Jones
play with fire against that D.

I hooooope against all hope they let Mac run his “full offense” against the Bills defense.

Running it 40-some times also isn’t ideal. Only resulted in 14 points.

I don’t see the Bills losing the rematch. It took A LOT of luck for the Pats to squeak out that 4 point win.
This line of thinking is really bizarre to me, man.

"Man, these Bills are HOT, this defense is too spicy. Can't let Mac throw even four passes... my only hope against this elite #1 defense is to literally run the exact same play over, and over, and over, and over, to the left, or the right, again, and again, and again, no matter what. That's the blueprint to beating the best defenses in history, for sure. The Achilles Heel of the '85 Bears was facing the same basic run play 40 times in a game, they couldn't handle it!"


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I am sure the Bills will come in loading up for the run. So it wouldn’t shock me. Besides, the Bills first real test of their pass defense without White was mostly a failure. Brady had a bad second half tonight because he was forcing too many passes down the field and still passed for 363 yards.

The Bills were loaded up for the run in the last meeting. That is their issue.


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Mr. Miyagi on his way to Buffalo as we speak


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Bill Lee

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I disagree.

Thankfully it’s only 2 weeks until we can find out who is correct.
Hope springs eternal.

Looking forward is easier than dealing with losing two winnable games back to back.

Buffalo has just shown they lose to a power running team and to a finesse passing team.

What exactly are they bringing to the table?


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Buffalo fan is dedicated to taking on the personality of his coach. It's not a compliment. Hahaha ha Bills. Division is gone! Even if the Colts beat NE you will lose the rematch or maybe even fall to the panthers.


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So if I'm right Patriots have to lose 3 games to not win the division? Don't think that's gonna happen


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Yeah, what does that say about your team when they drop 9 passes? Garbage maybe? Not clutch? That was a game in their own backyard with division up for grabs and they lost.

Speaking of a perfect set of circumstances? Let’s talk about the Jaguars. Was that a fluke too? Did the Bills drop 50 passes to lose that game? Did you see your team losing so unceremoniously again? My God, it’s like I’m talking to a 12 year old that doesn’t take any responsibility and passes blame to anybody but himself. In this case your lousy football team.

I don’t even know if you know what a real football team looks like unless you were paying attention the two times the Pats played the Bills over the last 20 or so years? Maybe your old enough to remember the old Bills from the early 90’s? I doubt it, probably stories from old family members about the greatness of wide right or the torture and humiliation of the other 3.

At any rate, Pats had a solid running game in the early 00’s, very good with Dillon. Not much of a dominating running game for the last 3 sb’s but they had Brady and White. They used the rbs in passing game to set keep the defense honest. Your running game is obsolete and Breida doesnt help. Bad formula when it goes through your quarterback. Thats why they are 1-5 against winning teams and the reason why a quick exit out of the playoffs is almost certain.
Playoffs, Playoffs, what Playoffs?


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As I mentioned in the game thread. If the Bills keep using Allen as their feature running back, he's gonna end up like Robert Griffin III
Even Brady, with his amazing pocket awareness and ability to avoid the rush, missed a year with a knee injury. Whenever I see a guy like Allen or Jackson get injured (both did today), it's never a surprise. Rushing ability in a QB should almost be looked at as a negative.

I'd like to say, "that's awful, the league is better with them healthy," but it's almost inevitable and the price you pay for those easy yards. I don't know how any team expects to finish a season strong when you let your qb take that much punishment.

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So if I'm right Patriots have to lose 3 games to not win the division? Don't think that's gonna happen
No, they can finish 11-6 (2-2 down the stretch) and not win the division if one loss is to Buffalo and Buffalo wins out to also finish 11-6. The Bills would have the division tie breaker in that scenario (5-1 in division, Pats would be no better than 4-2) and they split head to head.
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