Rumor - Nick Caserio on Houstons radar again.

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100% Kraft. He traded to get Bill and then promptly gave him the keys to the kingdom. There is no other HC/GM in the entire league right now. Smart, successful people hire smart, successful people. The whole dynasty is Kraft, it's his team.
And if you remember the two Bill's other owners tried to talk him out of it.

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You say that but what owner would you prefer over Kraft? You mentioned Khan, but he at least has the luxury for money not to be an issue. Spanos is a cheap prick. York let the players outrun the coach. Jerry needs to be in control. Green Bay has no owners. The Saints owners have the Church scandal. Mara hid his kickers spousal abuse and also got way too sentimental with Eli. Detroit has a history of pissing off generational talent.
You just answered your own question.


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One of the millionaires in my village decided years ago to team up with a guy who understands business. He let the sharper guy make all the calls and became a millionaire. He is like Kraft in your scenario. He must be a genius.

He absolutely is a pretty smart decision maker. He had the emotional intelligence and mental strength to let the smarter guy make them both a lot of money. That's far better than running it into the ground. In my prior life, I used to be a corporate fixer, coming in, auditing operations, making recommendations, implementing new policies, etc. A full two-thirds of business owners running companies under $20 million can't get out of their own way enough to take it to the next level.


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The Pat's should go public, who would be GM? Joker?
Billy Sullivan tried that... didn't work out too well, for him at any rate.

What Kraft brought to the table was an interested owner, who provided stability to the franchise, which was much needed... another earmark of a good owner is that they provide the team with the necessary tools to be successful... that does not mean that every coach will be great, that every draft pick will be a keeper... but providing a stable front office, a filled out coaching staff and a decent number of scouts to everyone else can do their jobs, etc... Kraft provided all of this...

Is there a "Best" owner? I dunno... Im sure Green Bay likes their set up... but that "owner ship group" is more like a corporation... they can change at their whim... I'm sure the fans in Seattle liked Paul Allen... The fans in donk country Pat Bowlen... The guys riding the wire, i'm sure they like Biscotti... same for the peeps in New Orleans, maybe Atlanta - okay, maybe not atlanta, Skeletor & Prince Valiant beloved in Oak/LA/Oak/LV im sure...

I happen to think the world of RKK, despite some of his indiscretions... hey, ive ****ed up a few times myself... Don't give a lick-spittle about him being liquored up... I'd be drunk too if that were my team ... Don't care one whit about him and Meek Mills... If he wants to help people, all good by me...

for those people constantly dragging him down though, you really want to go back to the days of Billy and Chuck Sullivan? To the days of Victor Kiam?

This is a good read if anyone cares see how bad it had gotten under Sullivan

and under Kiam...


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smells like tampering to me...

be fair to swap positions on a few draft picks... but basically they don't have any left lol...

shytty spot to walk into ... down right stupid cap management... lack of draft picks... gonna be a mess to clean up right off the bat
The consensus from reports I have read is Caserio has language in his recently-signed deal that he is allowed to pursue and accept a GM position with another team. Patriots won't get anything for him.

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Success, despite your perception of weaknesses is better than failure.
you can’t seriously tell me the falcons under dmitroff made better football decision than the patriots under caserio.
it’s not even debatable.
Personnel decisions? Of course it's debatable.

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Personnel decisions? Of course it's debatable.
Not at all. One put together teams that that went to 5 Sbs and won 3 and made the playoffs every year.
The other put together a team that made the playoffs 6 times in 13 years, an won 0 sbs in one trip.
It is not debatable the the patriots consistently built better trans than the falcons and any “analysis” you would want to make to debate it would be wrong before you even started because there are results.

Your only argument would be YOU LIKE dmitroffs decisions better but all that would prove is you don’t understand how to build a winning team.