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RIP Kevin Greene

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Patriot Missile

Pro Bowl Player
He was just great. One of those players that made others better around him. Sad of his passing, I’m just glad he was able to be alive to be enshrined in the immortal hall of fame before he passed. Condolences to his family and friends.


Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job
One of the most fun LB to watch play of all time. Even though he was always a rival...that blonde hair flying around was iconic. He also kind of started a trend with that pass rush style of LB.


captain stone

Hall of Fame Poster
One time while on the road I listened to an interview he did on Sirius XM NFL channel a couple or so years back, in the evening after Moving the Chains...Army brat...Walk-on at Auburn, originally as a Punter (!)...Earned his degree in Criminal Justice...Also completed ROTC there, rose to the rank of Captain in the Army Nat. Guard...His long hair made him appear "flamboyant" but you could tell during the interview that he was raised right... Mentioned multiple times of his respect & admiration for his family, coaches & military superiors and the roles they played in shaping his life...To borrow from BGC he was a Patriots-Type Player...Younger than I am, so this one grabs my attention more than others...RIP.
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