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Sep 12th

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Quick note, off topic threads will each soon have a new home in their own forums. Not that posting occasional off-topic stuff is an issue, but I am going to make things easier on everyone so that they'll be available within the main forum to keep you updated on new posts, etc. That will allow us to organize things a little better too, while still making each different forum much more usable.

One I get everything coded, I'm going to reorganize the other forums better and people won't have to be as nervous about posting there wondering if they'll be seen. Instead, you'll be able to see the latest posts in a forum, whether or not you've been in that forum since the last post, etc.

I'll let you guys know once it's done, but that's what I'm currently in the middle of. Been working on that at night the last week or two trying to figure out how I want to do it (the mobile layout was the biggest challenge) but I think I've got it where I want it, which should hopefully make things work much better. So that's what's coming :cool:


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>>and people won't have to be as nervous about posting there wondering if they'll be seen.

If they have us on ignore we still won't be seen correct?


In an effort to keep this off-topic thread from going off topic, I will say, threads in subforums will also be readily viewable here. Again, trying to make the user experience easier on everyone and make it an easy place for people to be able to discuss whatever instead of forcing everyone into a big single thread in here.

So I'll be reorganizing things a bit when things are ready, but it should make everyone's lives easier :cool:


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We're not going to get into individuals on here, so we'll back this up a little bit - but any new forum or change will be included and will appear in this, so it should help clean up any off topic posts but make the whole forum a little more usable. :D

Haha thanks Ian, I was just messing around...;)

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Joe Kerr's "Tribute To Roger Goodell" forum...please.

Thank you,
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