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Ravens take Championship Photo after beating NE

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Sep 12th

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Hm....seems a bit excessive for a week 9 win doesn't it? Maybe they will suffer the same fate as every other opponent who beat the Pats in 2018.

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I never like losing, but really hate losing to the Harbaugh-led Ravens. Let them enjoy the November Superbowl.


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Somewhat reminiscent of the Dolphins hanging photos of their win over us last year in their offices...but this IMO is worse since the Ravens did this for the public to see.


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It actually speaks to the greatness of the Patriots that a team could act like they won the Super Bowl in Week 9.

Exactly, teams don't take those pics when they beat the Billdos ;)


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feel like this will come back to bite them when they go on to lose a game to someone like Cincinatti because they only prepared to beat the patriots.

kind of like the "miracle in Miami" or "the pick" that the steelers made a big deal out of

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I'm enjoying the ravens fans desperately trying to justify this:

"Oh we do this every win". "It's just a team photo". etc, etc

Deep down it's because they know this is that columbian pure motivational material Belichick craves so bad for the playoffs...
Meh.....don't let it bother you.....this is one Ravens fan that doesn't like it either. I believe you act like you have been there before. You haven't accomplished anything. The Ravens won the game. Great.......You do this when you win a championship. You wouldn't find the Patriots doing something like this.


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@CIN, vs. HOU, @LAR, vs. SF, @BUF

Don’t see them going 5-0 in this upcoming run.
Seems odd to include the Cinn game in that. Foxboro HS could beat Cinci at this point.
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