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    Newcastle were pathetic today. A bit more passion from the toon and they might have stayed up with a draw or maybe nicked a win. IMO I don't think they have the quality to come back up, Mass clearout is badly needed and they'll simply have to start over.

    Closer to home Liverpool lost an absolute legend today in Sami Hyypia, definately in the top 3 bargins of the modern game and in his prime and arguably still one of the best centre backs to play the game. Proper legend, Thank's Sami...
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    25th May 2009

    The unacceptable face of the Celtic/Rangers hatred.
    Catholic killed by Loyalist Rangers thugs | Armchair Celts
    Very sad indeed.
    English nationals got a taste of Rangers fans in Manchester last year. I can assure you it was not a one off. I've been witnessing it up here for as many years as I care to remember. It is built into their DNA I believe. Win and celebrate by commiting acts of violence, lose and commiserate by commiting acts of violence. When we win, we go to our pubs to get drunk and sing. When we lose we generally go home or go to the pub to drown our sorrows, and end up singing! It is a comletely different mentality.
    A group of these so called supporters were waiting outside my Church last night in order to taunt Catholics as we left Mass. Unbelievable.
    I would just like to say that I work alongside some of the nicest people I have ever met, who are all Rangers fans. There are a lot more like them, it just seems that the majority are mindless bigoted arseholes. :eek:
    There are also some Celtic supporters, I have to say, that I would gladly punch their ticket for them.

    Another 3 young men were killed in Glasgow yesterday, 2 of them within 2 hours of the final whistle. Police say there is no link to the game!! Aye right! And we have to put our faith in these people to catch the killers. :mad:
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    Ciara's Dad On the Game Day Roster

    Congratulations to Owen Coyle and Burnley! :D

    Gordon Strachan resigns as Celtic manager! :D Two years too late in my opinion. Hope he takes his stupid zonal marking theories with him!! :)

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