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PFT: Matt Patricia to call plays on offense?

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I keep seeing this logic thrown around on here. If it was so easy for DC's to call plays as OC's then why have we literally never seen if happen before? If this is such a logical transition you don't think at least one team out there would have given it a shot by now? At this point people here will defend anything Bill does apparently. I think he hasn't adequately built out the coaching staff the way it needs to be constructed the same way he hasn't adequately built out the roster over the last few years. I know I am going to get blown up for this but more and more I wonder if the game is starting to pass Bill by to some extent.
It's almost like some of us saw this coming and were told otherwise.

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Not an exaggeration to call this disgraceful. Patricia is a bona fide goon. Someone with authority at One Patriot Place needs to start intervening with these coaching shenanigans. Bill has his halfwit son running the defense now so he's got to find another prominent role for his lapdog Patricia. Great idea let's put this loser (and the NFL's other worse head coach of the last decade Judge) in charge of our young franchise quarterback. Between the FA inactivity, bewildering draft, and these coaching personnel decisions, it's been a very discouraging offseason. Especially too in consideration of the obvious improvement of several other teams in the conference.
Is it too late for this?
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