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Pats sign K Kai Forbath

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Next Up: at Bills
Pick Results: NE: 81.7% at BUF: 18.3%

Dec 6th

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Makes a lot more sense than having Bailey kick.

Didn't see it as particularly likely but it was more a function of how late in the week it was, the roster spot situation, Folk being available next week again and the fact that Bailey is the emergency kicker after all.

brdmaverick Supporter Supporter
At least four kickers in one season...........this is getting crazy for a position that should have very little risk of injury.


2nd Team Getting Their First Start
Watch him not miss and take Folks job.

It's Ghost's job. These JAGs are just placeholders. Forbath was decent a few years ago although I think there's probably a good reason he's been unemployed for as long as he has.

captain stone

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I thought that Forbath would've been Gostkowski's replacement ahead of Ted Nugget anyway; just took a little longer is all.
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