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Patriots VIP Parking - Putnam Parkway Access Road?

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I am going to the Green Bay game next week and the person I am going with has a VIP parking pass. I see instructions on how to enter these lots via the Putnam Parkway on the Revolution site: Season Ticket Holder Putnam Parkway Instructions for October 17 but there are no such instructions anywhere on the Patriots site.

It's been a long while since I've parked here and gone in this "back entrance" - is this access road still available for VIP parking access or is it only for Revs games? Is it worth going in/out that way or is it just as mucked up as Route 1?


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You will want to have your friend check the pass itself. My VIP parking pass for the Chiefs game said No Putnam Parkway Access on the top. I did still manage to exit that way, but I imagine they are more strict upon arrival. Regardless, accessing the VIP lots from Route 1 is still preferable to using the regular lots.


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