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Patriots Training Camp - Wednesday August 3rd

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In the Starting Line-Up
After Brown, Strange, Andrews, Onwenu, and Wynn, there are questions.
Herron is the likely top swing tackle.
Assuming health, and Strange is everything the Patriots hope he'll be, that's one of the better units in the AFC... and perhaps league.
The fact that Hambright got some first team reps at RG for Onwenu is a good thing. But I don't think the Pats can go with a dedicated guard amongst the reserves. Gotta being either an OG/OT or OG/OC.
They'll want or need one of both, but they have also stashed Ferentz on the PS for years so that option is always open to them. Strange also doubled as a Center at the senior Bowl.
Russey is in a tough position. Probably the 3rd hardest behind TE and QB. I'm hoping he's spending every moment he can with Andrews and Yates to improve.
He's having an eye opening experience challenging Barmore in one on ones... we'll see how he rises to the challenge. He's another guy they might be able to sneak on the PS.
It would be REALLY nice to see the team develop another guy like Yates. Who could play OC/OG or RT.
It's disappointing that Hines and Stueber are still out.
I think these guys are big but not overly talented. The guy who can play either RG or RT is Onwenu. He sucked on the left side but looks great on the right.
It's interesting we haven't heard anything on Desjarlais or Will Sherman yet.
Dejarlais was mentioned in tweets as looking good in 1/1's, Sherman I haven't heard a thing about but don't think much of anyway. Waste of a pick IMO.